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    I have worked with them on a variety of events that have included many different event elements and without fail Movage has consistently been fanta....

    - West West C. LACOSTE USA

    We are fully insured and licensed. Our licenses are USDOT 1459999 ICC MC 551548 and NYDOT T 36787. Your move includes minimum insurance coverage which is $.60 per pound per article. If you would like to purchase additional coverage for your move that is also available to you and you would be covered for the Depreciated Value in case of loss or damage. The shipper must declare the value of the entire shipment. The minimum value that the shipper can declare is $5,000.00. This declared value must be covering the entire shipment and not for any one item. You must purchase enough coverage to insure the total value of your shipment. If you undervalue the shipment you would be subject to coinsurance penalty. For instance, if you purchase only $5,000 coverage and the value of your shipment is $15,000 the policy is only responsible for 30%. With regards to antiques, there is no appreciation or loss of value coverage for antiques and these items will be subject to standard depreciation.

    Extraordinary value items (more than $100.00 per pound per article) must be brought up to the foreman’s attention and written in as such. In the event that an item of extraordinary value becomes a part of the shipment without written knowledge, the company will not be responsible for its actual value.

    Money, jewelry, securities, etc.: The movers will not carry, store or be liable in any way for any documents, accounts, bills, bullion, currency, notes, securities, evidence of debt, precious stones, jewelry, money, coins, stamps or other similar valuables. Please remove these items and arrange to take them with you. If these items are in your shipment, we will not be responsible or liable for them.
    Please ask your relocation consultant for more details.

    Company is not responsible for items wrapped or packed by owner (PBO). Contents of boxes packed by owner will not be covered in case of damage (regardless of valuation chosen). If you have chosen to pack your own boxes, please be advised that we do not know what contents are contained therein. Company is not responsible for the mechanical condition of electronic items unless insured as such.

    Pairs and Sets: The policy covers only the cost or repair of an individual item damaged not a pair or a set. Furnishings constructed of particle board or pressboard (i.e. closets, tables, etc, IKEA furniture), once assembled are easily damaged when moved regardless of the care taken by the movers. We caution customers against moving such items. It is our experience that the mere act of disassembling the above items causes damage to the items. As such, we cannot be responsible for damage to these items if moved.