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Moving Out to College

May is here, and the end of spring semester has arrived. Students are beginning to take their finals, and parents are beginning to clear their cars for the mountains of clothes their children are brin ...

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Homes for the homeless people made out of shipping containers

Shipping containers, that once made their way across the Pacific Ocean from China, are being re-purposed into a 16 unit apartment building in Orange County, CA. The units, created by the American Fami ...

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Where Educate Millennials Are Moving

Millennials, those born roughly between 1982 and 1998, are now the nation’s largest generation, even surpassing Baby Boomers in 2016. This youthful generation has very unique living and spending hab ...

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Ways to Reduce your Cost of Living

There comes a time in every young adult's life where they have to move out of Mom and Dad's and move into an apartment of their own -- scary, but exciting! No parent wants to see their chi ...

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