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    Packing your belongings for an upcoming relocation is a long and time-consuming process when you do it on your own. But if you hire the right type of help for the job, packing doesn’t have to be a part of your moving problems. At Movage Moving + Storage, we offer packing services NYC which were carefully designed to fit the many needs of our customers. Our experienced packers will make packing an easy endeavor by showing up at your doorsteps fully ready and equipped for the job ahead. With the right type of knowledge, plenty of experience, and only the finest packing materials, our team will secure your items for transportation and, thus, ensure their safety. Give us a call and let us help you with the most dreadful part of moving.

    Packing services NYC which take the stress out of relocation

    Moving stress seems to be a mandatory part of every relocation – at least, that’s what people believe. But the right moving company with the right set of services can take that moving stress completely out of the picture. That is precisely the purpose behind our packing services NJ and NYC – to take care of the part that brings about the most stress, and that is packing.

    As one of our most requested moving services NYC, it goes without saying that we put a lot of effort into providing you with unmatched quality when it comes to our packing assistance options. Our packers will not only soothe your moving anxiety, but they will also demonstrate skills that got them past the screening process and made them an indispensable part of our moving and packing team.

    Buy moving boxes from Movage Moving + Storage

    Do you feel perfectly capable of taking care of packing? Perhaps you already have experience with the matter so now you just need one thing – sturdy moving boxes. We have you covered in that department as well. We offer the option of buying reliable moving boxes in the quantity of your choosing.

    Delivery Charges:

    • Manhattan $25.00. Place an order of $100 or more and receive free delivery!
    • Bronx, Queens & Brooklyn $35.00. Place an order of $150 or more and receive free delivery!
    • Delivered directly to your door within 24 to 48 hours!

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    Let our team of experienced and qualified packers provide the help you need

    When you hire Movage Moving + Storage and choose our packing services in the New York and New Jersey area, you don’t have to worry about being greeted with unqualified packers. Every member of our team has gone through rounds of interviews and has passed a background check. You deserve nothing less than the best packers, and we tried hard to provide you with that. We believe we succeeded. Today, our team is composed of:

    • Experienced packers who have packed and secured every type of item in their years in the industry.
    • Reliable individuals who have a stellar track record.
    • Qualified people who have gone through safety training and continue to improve their skills.

    Movage Moving + Storage continues to invest our resources towards our team

    The moving industry is a constantly developing one. To be able to stay on top of our game, Movage Moving + Storage constantly invests funds in the further training of our movers and packers. That means you can expect our packers to showcase the best and most modern packing techniques that will make a difference during your local or long distance relocation. When it comes to your expectations, feel free to expect a royal treatment! We aim for your complete satisfaction which is why we tend to work hard on making sure all of your packing needs are met.

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    Movage Moving + Storage strives to provide you with improved services through constant investment.

    Our packers can secure and pack every household and office item

    Packing office belongings and household furniture are two completely different endeavors. Movage Moving + Storage is proficient in both. We are an award-winning and Better Business Bureau accredited business and that fact can serve as a testament to our quality and high level of reliable services. Whether you need a team that can pack your business documents and IT equipment or a team that will secure your household appliances for transport, our packing services NYC are the ones to choose for your needs.

    Big or small, fragile or robust, all you have to do is point and we will pack it. All the while making sure we take good care of your items. Because if it matters to you, then you can rest assured it matters even more to us.

    Provide your belongings with unparalleled safety with our packing services NJ and NYC

    Whether you are moving locally in NYC or going through an international relocation, the real challenge lies in transporting all of your belongings from point A to point B and having all of them arrive in one piece. And completely unharmed. To achieve that, you need to use the right type of protective packaging material for every item you pack. Without the right experience, this becomes a challenge of massive proportions. But it isn’t a challenge for our team of packers.

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    Book your spot with our team and revel in the complete safety of our services.

    It is our experience that allows us to pack every object you have and use only the best materials for it. The best part? We will provide these materials for your relocation as they are a part of our offer. You don’t even have to worry yourself with the shopping part – we thought of everything.

    Get affordable packing assistance for your relocation

    Movage Moving + Storage is a company that puts our customers’ needs ahead of our own. We know that what you need is not to go into debt to be able to afford reliable packers. That’s why we have ensured our prices are reasonable and in accordance with an average person’s salary. We firmly believe every person deserves premier packing services which, unfortunately, aren’t always affordable. That won’t be an issue after you contact us and request a free moving estimate. Upon doing so, you will realize that high-quality services can come at affordable prices. We are proof of that.


    Our premier packing team is only a phone call away

    To get our team of packers completely focused on your relocation, all you have to do is get in touch with us by giving us a call. Movage Moving + Storage will then proceed to inquire about the details of your relocation which will help us assemble the best services for you. With our packing services NYC singlehandedly taking care of the most troublesome aspect of your relocation, there isn’t a reason to hesitate. Dial 212.461.1766 and let your worries become a thing of the past.