Shipping Coverage

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    Shipping Coverage


    Our insurance options that you can choose from are All Risk Transit Insurance or Total Loss. It will protect your goods for a single item damage or loss, or in the event of a catastrophic occurrence.

    It is always a wise precaution to consider a value protection just in the event of a loss or damage. Once you choose your protection you can concentrate on your moving needs knowing that your goods are safe, secure and insured.

    Why do I need to complete a household goods inventory?

    In order to properly insure your items for full replacement value, a Valued Inventory form is required. This allows you to accurately determine the value of your goods in the case of damage or loss and provides the insurance company with a list of goods to be covered.

    What if I under insure my shipment?

    Co-Insurance is a form of property insurance in which the insured shares in losses proportionately to the extent that the amount of insurance falls short of a specified percentage of the value of the insured property.

    For instance, if you insured your goods for $10,000 while the entire actual value of the goods is $100,000, your proportionate claim settlement amount (in case of a claim) would be 1/10 of the actual value. For example, a lost item worth $6,000 will yield a settlement in the amount of $600 (minus any deductible, if applicable).

    What should I do if I need to file a claim?

    We don’t expect that anything should happen to your belongings while in our care but in the unlikely event of anything being damaged you can easily file your claim online.

    We recommend you file your claim as soon as possible after the completion of your move.
    We allow 45 days from the delivery date on the signed delivery documents for filing a claim.

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