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    Moving fine art is an art on its own. At Movage Moving + Storage, we have a team that has fully mastered the process of fine art relocation. If you are thinking about moving valuable art and antiques, rest assured that we can provide the finest care for your pieces. Our art movers NYC will ensure your precious art collection is packed, secured, and transported to your new location within the agreed time-frame. Once you give us a call by dialing 212.461.8243,  you will be greeted by our friendly dispatcher that will write down all the details of your relocation. As soon as you get a quote from our team, you will realize that reliable yet affordable art movers were just within your reach.

    Fine art moving services available to everyone with Movage Moving + Storage

    Movage Moving + Storage is a fine art service provider to museums, galleries, auction houses, and private collectors. No matter the size of your art collection, its composition or its delicacy, rest assured that our art movers in New York are more than capable to do the job in front of us. And that job is arriving at your location, packing up your pieces in protective packaging, and delivering them from point A to point B. All the while guaranteeing maximum safety of all of your items.

    A woman sitting in front of a row of paintings.
    We relocate all types of art, of every size and composition.

    The length between point A to point B also doesn’t make a difference. Whether you are moving long-distance or just down the block, our fine art movers are the ones to hire for the job. We have experience with relocating fine art and antiques across great distances, as well as short ones. We have kept our track record clean in the process, as none of the items were damaged when in the care of our movers.

    Our fine art movers NYC provide a plethora of assistance options

    When you hire our fine art movers in NYC, you can feel free to forget about all the worries related to the relocation of your pieces. When we take on a job, we see it through from start to finish. Expect us to help you with:

    • Expert packing of your belongings where every piece will get individual attention it deserves.
    • Custom-built crates as Movage Moving and Storage has an in-house crating department that custom builds crates for your valuables so each piece is protected against damage from handling and shipping.
    • Private storage 24/7 where all of your art pieces will enjoy maximum safety until you are ready to pick them up – or have us deliver them to you.

    As a full-service moving company, we strive to allow our customers to remain free of any worries during their moving endeavors. All of our moving services NYC are focused on providing start-to-finish assistance, and our fine art moving team is no exception. Contact us and get a team of reliable, focused, and dedicated movers on your side. The safety of your precious art pieces doesn’t have a price. But if it did, you would want it to be just like the price of our fine art movers.

    Affordable fine art moving services

    A person’s art collection is composed of very valuable pieces – both emotionally and financially. That’s why you are probably ready to pay a lot of money for someone to take good care of it during your relocation. At Movage Moving + Storage, you will get top-dollar quality for a price you can afford. Our prices are competitive, reasonable, and they were created to suit the budget of an average person. 

    A man holding dollar bills to pay for art movers NYC.
    Relocation is expensive. But with Movage Moving + Storage, it won’t break the bank.

    Feel free to request a free estimate via our website, or get in touch with us for an over-the-phone estimate. You will soon realize that the price of our service will fit in well with your moving budget. And then you can leave it to our NYC fine art movers to ensure you get your money’s worth.

    Our art movers NYC move all types of art

    Art comes in many beautiful forms. And it can be made out of many different materials. Whether you are a collector of glass figurines or you are a museum owner who needs to relocate an entire collection, Movage Moving + Storage is at your complete disposal. We have plenty of experience with moving and delivering pieces of all shapes and compositions. 

    • Ceramics & Glass
    • Heirlooms
    • Museum Quality Items
    • Ethnographic Materials
    • Furniture & Wooden Objects
    • Leather & Fur
    • Paintings
    • Polychrome
    • Sculptures
    • Stone & Plaster
    • Textiles & Fibers
    • High-Value One-of-a-Kind Items

    While every item is unique in its nature, the nature of our art moving services is simple. We aim for your complete satisfaction and total safety of all of your belongings. Feel free to put your trust in us just like thousands of other people have done before you. We promise you won’t make a mistake.

    People looking at Mona Lisa.
    Rest assured that all of your items are completely safe in our hands – no matter their size, weight, and value.

    A complete breakdown of our art moving services

    • Local pickup and delivery of your entire collection to the destination of your choosing.
    • Custom packing in corrugated or wooden crates produced by our in-house crating department.
    • Transportation from point A to point B – carrier selection based on item, budget, time frame, etc.
    • Insurance that your belongings will arrive intact to their new location – our professional packing allows us to offer you a coverage that provides you with a peace of mind.
    • Relocation of all types of pieces, including art, glass, antiques, and much more.

    Give your pieces the attention they deserve by giving us a call

    Allow yourself to stay away from all the stress that relocation brings and hire our art movers NYC. We here at Movage Moving + Storage always provide our customers with a moving experience fit for royals. Our goal is to take care of your precious pieces from start to finish and reunite you with them in record time. We understand how important these pieces are for you, and you are important for us. That’s why we will treat your items as if they were our own. All you have to do is give us a call and we will gladly take it from there. Our team is available for all of your questions and inquiries.