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    With an interstate move, you truly have to rely only on the best movers. On those who can provide you with a reliable service. Those who have great logistical (transportation) capability. An NYC moving company that is able to deal with all the hassle and complications of a cross-country move. What you need are crews of Movage Moving + Storage. We provide the leading service among interstate moving companies NYC, and that is because of our great dedication, capability, and affordability. So, don’t waste your time, book professionals today!

    Woman holding a box waiting for interstate movers NYC to arrive
    With an interstate move, you truly have to rely only on the best movers.

    Let us introduce ourselves

    Today, the moving business is absolutely huge. This is thanks to the tendency of Americans to move often and sometimes over vast distances. Why is that? Well, now more than ever people are moving in search of new business opportunities or simply for health and enjoyment reasons. Moving today is easier and cheaper than ever before. However, that is not to say that it is either easy or cheap. Especially when it comes to interstate moving. For this reason, you need movers NJ or NYC based that are both capable of handling complicated aspects of such a big move and being able to provide it at a reasonable price. Movage Moving + Storage company is ready to provide just that!

    What makes us the top choice among NYC interstate moving companies?

    What makes us so special? Why are reviews on Yelp and other platforms so high? What are the services we provide that no one else does, and in what way?

    Well, firstly, the answer is preparation. We select and prepare our team carefully. The main focus of our training is you, the customer. Each and every NYC movers knows that your experience matters the most. Hence, we make sure to emphasize:

    • Professionalism. This means our movers are doing everything by the book. We train our moving crews to the highest standards possible, always aiming for excellence. There is no room for amateurism, as it can lead to delays, damaging items, or safety hazards. Our movers are screened and rigorously trained until they reach perfections! Only then will they be called upon your request to do the move.
    • Good communication. A move starts quite a bit before the actual move day itself. And, during that planning phase of taking quotes and planning routes, you need your mover to be able to communicate any and all details with you. This is what proves that Movage movers truly dedicated to the client.
    • Best service possible. Finally, with our transportation capacity, we are ready to provide service that no other interstate moving companies NYC can!

    If you don’t have space – we do!

    When you move, you often have to downsize. That is quite understandable. The more you move, the more you have to care about and the more money you have to pay. Downsizing before relocating makes quite a lot of sense. However, sometimes, when you are moving to a different state and a more urbanized environment, there are things you would rather keep but for which you simply do not have any space what-so-ever.

    Office supplies in a box
    With our transportation capacity, we are ready to provide service that no other NYC interstate moving company can.

    This is when you’ll need our secure storage facility. With all the moving services we offer, there is also the service of storage. We will do our best to provide you with all the space you may need for your possessions while our movers, the best among interstate moving companies NYC, relocate the rest of them to your apartment.

    Our storage offers protection from mold, moisture, rodents, environmental damage, or any other decay of any kind. Of course, it is also under 24/7 security, meaning that there will be no robbing. Furthermore, we do believe that anything we can guarantee to you, we definitely should. This is why we provide insurance, should you choose to take it.

    So, if you are in need of some extra space, be sure to tell us and we will have it arranged!

    Have a care-free move with our NYC packing service

    It takes a long time to pack an entire household. And with everything else going on, it’s understandable that you don’t have enough time for it. That’s where we come in. Our NYC movers can professionally pack all of your belongings. Our packing service ensures that everything is properly packed, safe, and ready for transport. Only the highest quality moving boxes will be used. That way, you can truly have a care-free relocation, while we take care of almost everything. 

    interstate movers NYC sealing a moving box
    We’ll ensure that your belongings are safely packed and ready for your interstate move

    What makes us one of the best among interstate moving companies NYC

    What makes our NYC interstate movers stand out more than anything else, anything that we have mentioned previously? Our determination!

    Yes, we have the capability to do even the most complicated moves. Our crew is highly trained and punctual. Communication and estimation staff is always ready for the customer and we are highly reviewed, but there is also one more element to it. It is a simple thing. A philosophy.

    When you work in a moving business, you work with people. Not in the sense that people are an element. They are the element of the move. When moving, our Movage Moving + Storage experts relocate someone’s whole life. We help someone get to the next chapter in their lives. For us, it holds great value and we hold this experience dear to our hearts.

    For this reason, we will always get the job done. No matter the difficulties of the move. No matter the complications. We are there for our customers. And we are there for you!

    You need to be able to trust your movers

    No matter if it’s the case of local moving or international one – you need to be able to trust your movers. They are the ones who, be it for 30 minutes or for a full day, handle your dearest possession – pretty much everything you own.

    This is why you need to trust the moving company handling the move. We have already made efforts to convince you of our merit, but here is one final detail

    Girl with moving box
    We help someone get to the next chapter in their lives. For us, it holds great value.

    Relocate safely and worry-free

    We are both licensed and offering insurance. We strongly believe that there is no space for compromise when it comes to these two facets of moving. So, don’t risk your belongings, and choose an NYC interstate moving company you can count on. Things rarely go wrong, thanks to our well-trained movers. But, even if they do, you can count on us to have your back.

    Furthermore, you will find that you can easily ask for a moving quote. We want you to feel comfortable and not have to worry about the final price. So, we respect the rule where a final bill cannot be more than 110% of the nonbinding estimate. That way, you can adequately plan your moving budget and focus on more important things. Don’t be surprised if the final price is even lower than we estimated. It’s our goal to provide you with a moving experience you’ll gladly look back to.

    Move with one of the most trusted cross-country moving companies in NYC!

    By now there should be no doubt that our Movage Moving + Storage is one of the best of all interstate moving companies NYC you can find. This is why you should start your move today! Earlier the better! Simply contact us. You will find our staff ready to discuss the details of your move immediately!