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    Deciding to relocate your home or business across the world seems like a very difficult decision to make. But making this decision is just the first step, after which the real hard work comes. Moving all of your precious items across the ocean is a challenge of great magnitude – one that is best handled with the help of experienced international movers NYC. At Movage Moving + Storage, we have a team that was particularly designed and created with the goal of helping our customers relocate their items from point A to point B, even though those two points are almost a world apart. All you have to do is give us a call and our team will deal with the complete logistics of your relocation. Get your free moving estimate today!

    The model of a plan flying across the world as a symbol of international shipping companies in New York
    The world is a smaller place thanks to some of the best shipping companies in NYC.

    International moving services designed to cater to all of your moving needs

    What the best international movers in New York should be able to provide is a full-service experience where you won’t have to lift a finger. That’s precisely what our international moving team offers. We have designed our services in accordance with your needs and we made sure no part of the world was left uncovered. Today, our international moving services include:

    Reliable ocean freight at your service

    As one of the best shipping companies in New York, Movage Moving + Storage can safely and efficiently coordinate your overseas relocation to more than 100 destinations worldwide. Our company is completely licensed, bonded, and insured for such a task. We can accommodate the different needs of all of our customers by offering Door to Port, Port to Port, or Door to Door delivery. So feel free to contact us! By doing so, you will ensure you have one of the best international shipping companies in New York completely focused on the wellbeing of your items.

    Swift and efficient airfreight solutions

    If you are looking for the quickest way to transport your possessions across the globe, then air freight services in NYC are just what you are in need of. Our international movers NYC can transport your items efficiently, safely, and in the shortest amount of time possible. At Movage Moving + Storage, we tailor all of our services to our customers. That’s why you can expect us to deliver your items Door to Door, Airport to Airport, or Door to Airport. With us by your side, the hardest decision you have to make could be whether you want your items delivered in your hands or if you would prefer to pick them up yourself. Everything in between will be our job!

    Cargo for international movers NYC to relocate.
    Airfreight, sea freight, or ground freight? With us, the choice is all yours.

    Secure ground freight to move your goods

    Being one of the best international shipping companies in New York means not focusing just on air freight and ocean freight. Instead, Movage Moving + Storage offers the option of ground freight services in NYC. We service the entire Northeast of the United States. Our international movers from New York can complete the entire driving process from end to end within the 48 states in record time. All the while, you can rest assured we will adjust our solutions to the circumstances of your relocation.

    Convenient import services at your disposal

    Are you located in a remote part of the world but have a strong desire for moving back to the United States? Then all you have to do is place a phone call in the right direction – the direction of our international movers NYC. With 600 partners and affiliates worldwide, our import services NYC focus on relocating ex-pats back to the USA. Think of Movage Moving + Storage as your reliable partner throughout this delicate process. We will be accountable and within your reach all throughout the process. And we will be ready to help with our valuable tips and assistance options.

    Our international movers NYC will deal with the complete logistics

    Planning and organizing an international relocation is a task that is best left to professionals. As one of the most reliable and reputable international shipping companies NYC has, it will be our pleasure and duty to plan and organize the entire journey of your belongings. We are an award-winning company with an A-plus rating on the Better Business Bureau. Our mutual collaboration will start with trust and it will end with respect on both sides.

    With us being completely in charge of your international relocation, you won’t have anything to worry about. That will do miracles when it comes to keeping you stress-free during your relocation. And being able to maintain any sort of peace during something as stressful and complicated as international relocation presents a miracle to an extent.

    Two people making a plan.
    Movage Moving + Storage takes care of your relocation from start to finish as one of the most trusted international shipping companies in New York.

    Cost-effective solutions with Movage Moving + Storage

    Once you commence a process as lengthy and complicated as international relocation, you should already be aware of the facts. Be prepared for expecting steep prices and quite a bill at the end of the day. But if you hire one of the best shipping companies NYC and our team of movers, you can rest assured we will try to find the best and most financially affordable moving solutions. Our goal isn’t to see you bankrupt at the end of the day – quite the contrary.

    We will assess all routes, circumstances, and the weight of your belongings, creating an optimal transportation plan. So, apply for a free moving quote now. Once you hire us, you can rest assured of one thing – we will do our best to provide you with the most efficient yet affordable solutions.

    Our NYC international movers work according to your needs

    Every relocation is a unique event – and that’s particularly true when talking about shipping companies in New York. The endpoint of your move, as well as all the items you have to relocate make your move something particular to you. It is for that reason that the plan for your relocation cannot be the same as someone else’s. As a company with plenty of experience and educated and skilled movers, we know that the most important thing for the success of your relocation is a good plan. And as one of the best shipping companies in NYC, we intend to make one.

    Our moving team will assess the circumstances of your relocation early on. In fact, performing a careful analysis of your moving needs is at the basis of all of our moving services. You can rest assured that our movers will be very detailed while on this task. Our job will be to take note of any special circumstances, such as the lack or presence of elevators, narrow hallways, and a bunch of heavy and massive items. We will tailor a personalized plan in accordance with what we see. Our professionals adjust to your needs and circumstances – not the other way around.

    Spilled coins as a symbol of saving with international movers NYC
    Leave it up to one of the top shipping companies NYC has to find the best and at the same time most affordable solutions.

    While doing so, we will also work on spotting any chances for moving day problems. Being prepared and coming up with potential solutions is easy once we know what to expect. Rely on Movage Moving + Storage to always work on preventing any problems instead of waiting for them to happen. And even if they do happen, you can count on our international movers in NYC to already have effective solutions at their fingertips.

    One of the best shipping companies in New York is at your disposal

    Don’t be scared by the process of moving internationally. Instead, pick up your phone, dial 212.461.1766 or contact us via email, and let our international movers NYC provide you with tailored solutions. You can rest assured that Movage Moving + Storage is a company that makes your needs a priority. With us, the complete safety of your belongings is not a promise – it’s a guarantee! A cost-effective, safe, and efficient international relocation is at your fingertips.



    Ocean Freight

    Movage has the ability and the know-how to deliver your household goods to almost any location within the United States.


    Air Freight

    Movage has the ability and the know-how to deliver your household goods to almost any location within the United States.



    Movage has the ability and the know-how to deliver your household goods to almost any location within the United States.



    Movage has the ability and the know-how to deliver your household goods to almost any location within the United States.

    • Air Freight Shipping
    • Sea Freight Shipping
    • Full or partial container load (FCL,LCL)
    • Packing/unpacking with the removal of debris
    • Door-to-door or port-to-port delivery

    Door-to-Door service will generally include the following and rates will reflect the service requested:
    • Packing and wrapping of the entire inventory (full or partial packing, disassembly, crating, etc.)
    • Pick up and load household goods into a steamship container
    • Deliver the container to port
    • Our staff will prepare all the necessary paperwork for US Export and all the ocean freight charges
    • Submit documentation and payment at destination which is excluding duties and taxes
    • Delivery to the final destination address and removal of all debris

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