3 Main Tips for Moving Overseas

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    If you’ve never moved abroad before, planning your international relocation can be extremely stressful. Trying to figure out where to start is often overwhelming and there’s always the fear you’ll forget something important. However, getting upset won’t solve anything, so take a deep breath and check out these helpful tips that will make your overseas move easier:

    1. Carry important information with you

    Putting important documents in your luggage is always a gamble. If your bags are temporarily lost, you could be left without a passport and other valuable information. Play it safe by compiling a stack of papers you’ll definitely need (such as mover materials, medical records and your visa), and placing them in a folder that you can put in a purse, briefcase or other carry on. This way, if anything should happen to your baggage, at the very least, you have the necessary paperwork to reach your new home.

    2. Hire reliable International Movers

    Professional moving companies need to have certain licenses to transport items overseas. Do your research to make sure your movers are reliable and safe. This means reading online reviews and asking in-depth questions about the company’s certifications. You’ll be glad you went through the trouble in the future when all of your items make it to your new home safe and sound.

    3. Do your research

    If you’ve never been to the country you’re relocating to, take a few hours to research the culture. You don’t want to accidentally offend someone because you didn’t investigate the area’s customs. In addition, take note of things that are popular in the U.S. but notably not in other areas around the world. For example, athleisure (the practice of wearing stylish athletic wear for everyday activities) is a popular trend right now, but quite a few other countries see this style as lazy and inappropriate.

    Being aware of local customs ahead of time will make you feel a lot more comfortable when you arrive in a new country.