Best tips for moving to Bergen County during Holidays

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    Moving is a venture on its own. Now just imagine moving during the holidays. Working hours are different. Many people are on vacation celebrating with their families. But, of course, it is not impossible. Quite the contrary. When push comes to shove and you have no other option than to move we at Movage Moving + Storage have prepared some of the best tips for moving to Bergen County during the holidays. It might be a bit more complicated, but who doesn’t love a challenge?

    A family moving to Bergen County during holidays

    Be financially prepared

    This is usually easier said than done. But if you have the means and the time to plan ahead, be sure to save up some money. With the holidays approaching, or already being set in motion, there are many expenses. Especially around Christmas time when you want to gift all of your loved ones something special. A moving process isn’t too expensive when you put everything into perspective, but during a time when people are already spending more than average, it can really take a toll. Our biggest tip here is to buy gifts in advance and stack up some money on the side. This way neither your family nor your move will suffer any consequences.

    Start planning on time when moving during the holidays

    The minimal amount of time you’ll need to plan out your move and arrange all the services you will need is around a month or two. The issue arises because many companies might not be working when you need them because of the holidays. This is why two months and more can be an optimal time to start planning and scheduling. You really have nothing to worry about, services can always be found. But for your peace of mind, it is wise to just do everything on time. Our Bergen County movers can be your biggest asset here. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and focus on the customer. A job isn’t well done until our customer is completely satisfied and enjoying their life in their new home.

    A picture of a planner
    Planning and creating a timeline will help keep you on track and motivate you.

    Create a realistic moving timeline

    The number one thing you should focus on when moving to Bergen County during the holidays is creating a moving timeline. This timeline doesn’t need to be absolute in any way and can be flexible. We recommend you always leave enough room for unexpected delays, or for burnout. Try and divide all you need to do into realistic segments and scatter them through your timeline. Just be careful to not overdo it and experience a complete lack of energy suddenly. Ideally, your timeline can include the entire family. Generally speaking, by making the moving preparations a family activity, you are more likely to enjoy them and finish everything on time. Even the little ones will be able to help out in one way or another! You’d be surprised how much fun moving can be when all the people you love are in on it.

    Moving mid-week will be more cost-effective than during the weekend. Another thing our movers NYC to NJ urge you to look out for is if you have children, moving during the winter break will make it much easier for them. And don’t forget to get your kids hyped for the move!

    Packing time!

    Packing is something that will take up a lot of your time, but you just have to be smart about it. Our tip is to start with things that you don’t use often if ever. And to go room by room! So, for example, packing up a guest room first is a good choice. Or if you’re moving during Christmastime, you can pack all the decorations for the other holidays. Pack up stuff from the storage spaces you’re not using. And as time goes by, the moving date will come nearer and you’ll finish packing up naturally. Always leave at least one bag of everyday stuff to take with you in your car. Once you arrive in your new home, chances are you’ll be completely beat. So a bag with all the essentials: toothbrushes, pajamas, outfits for the next day, etc. is a must-have!

    Our storage Bergen County facilities are at your disposal if you find yourself in need of some additional storage. Storage is something lately none of us can get enough of.

    A man packing for moving
    Packing is bound to take up a lot of your time, so organize it wisely.

    Keep the weather in mind when moving to Bergen County

    During wintertime, the weather can get a bit crazy. Snow and blizzards can both have negative effects on your move. Just stay alert, check the forecast often and stay in touch with your moving company. They are more than likely to meet you halfway and reschedule anything that gets delayed because of the weather. So, no worries, just keep an eye on the weather. As one of the best moving companies NJ, we are always ready to assist. This is not our first time nor will it be our last time to orchestrate a move during the cold winter months. If you’re searching for skilled people with experience, look no further.

    Keep the holiday spirit alive during moving to Bergen County

    When moving to Bergen County during the holidays, it’s important to keep in mind that the holidays still exist. You might not be able to do everything you’d want, go on a trip or something similar. But the holiday spirit is so important to all of us and even more so if you have children. Organize some time just for holiday activities, maybe a family movie night. All together baking cookies and drinking a hot drink. There are a lot of options that won’t take up too much of your time, but will help you and your loved ones still feel the charm of the holiday season!