Equipment that professional movers must have

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    No matter how experienced you are, planning a move is a big and complex task. There are so many things that you must do that it can really feel super overwhelming at times. For instance, you need to choose the perfect moving date. This on its own is quite challenging as you have to balance the schedules of several parties such as the movers, the job, the potential new job, yourself, and anyone else participating in the process. Hiring a moving company such as quality full service movers NYC is another task that can be quite stressful. Since professional movers are one of the key parts of any move, they need to be reliable. One of the key clues of whether they are reliable is their equipment. That is why we have compiled a list of the equipment that professional movers must have.

    A tool kit is a crucial part of moving equipment

    There are, of course, many signs of a reliable moving company and this are not by a long shot the key one, but it is nevertheless really important. So, without further ado, let us begin!

    Professional movers must have, or rather be, professional movers

    This is maybe a bit of a cheat answer, but before you hire, let’s say, one of the commercial movers NYC, you need to make sure that they are a legit, licensed company. If you hire a legit moving company, then the movers that will handle your belongings are going to be quality professionals. And let’s face it – Movers are what it is about, not the equipment. The movers are going to be handling the belongings and the equipment, so they better be good ones. You do not want to have a group of random, inexperienced guys handling your precious china or the pricey gaming setup you may have. In order to avoid such a situation, you need to do proper research.

    Before you start thinking about equipment that professional movers must have, make sure that they are licensed
    Before you start thinking about signing anything, you need to make sure that the movers are licensed

    Here are a couple of few ways to do that: 

    • FMCSAThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the federal agency that regulates the trucking industry across the entire country. A reliable moving company is going to be licensed here. So, basically, you can check with FMCSA how reliable is the potential moving company. You can also find out if they had any problematic cases in the past. 
    • Internet reviews – The Internet is such an easily accessible tool that it is almost a sin not to use it. Check out the reviews and ratings of the potential moving company. The more people have rated the company, the more objective the sum total rating is. However, do not just check the ratings, but also read the reviews. There may be some key details there that you do not want to miss. 
    • Personal recommendations – Check with your friends and family about their experiences with movers. It is quite likely that at least some of them have hired a company previously. They will be able to share the positive, but also the potentially negative experiences, thus warning you about a moving company to avoid. 

    So, what is the equipment that professional movers must have? 

    As we have established in the previous section, the most important tools movers can use are their own hands. If the movers are not professionals, then all the equipment in the world will be for naught. This is why the first and foremost piece of equipment that movers must have is the protection for their hands and legs. Every mover should have at least one set of strong, durable gloves. Without these, it is impossible to do the job. Just ask the Bergen County movers. They will also tell you that having a spare set is also always recommended. 

    axe and gloves
    Movers need to be protected at all times

    Besides the hands, it is also important to have a quality pair of reinforced shoes. Since movers are going to be handling many heavy objects, such as bulky pieces of furniture, this is super important. Carrying furniture is always dangerous as well as carrying heavy boxes, because they may tear at the worse possible moment (which is why getting a quality moving supplies NYC is paramount), dropping their content, which can hurt the movers’ feet in a split second. Safety should always come first, and this is one more reason why you should hire movers to handle your belongings instead of doing it yourself. 

    What are the key tools movers need most often? 

    There are many pieces of equipment out there that the movers use, but some are more important, and without movers would not be able to professionally handle their tasks. Check out this list: 

    • Trucks – Not much needs to be said about this. Without trucks, movers are not going to move you too far.
    • The dollies – The 2-wheel and 4-wheel dollies are a must for any self-respecting mover. While they may not be needed for every single move, more often than not, they are indeed necessary. On them, movers can transport boxes, crates, and even smaller pieces of furniture. Thanks to their simple yet effective composition, they allow movers to transport much more of clients’ items than they would be able to if they only used their hands. They are simply extremely effective pieces of equipment.  
    • Tool kit – If the movers are also supposed to help pack and, or, disassemble furniture, then a tool kit is a must. At least one crew member will have one of these with them.
    • Hoisting straps – Hosting straps are there when a large piece of furniture cannot go out the door. A capable crew can wrap it manually and the hoist it through the window. They are also useful for getting pieces of furniture out of tight spots.