How to Feng Shui Your Home

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    The Chinese art of harmonizing with one’s surroundings—known as Feng Shui—is said to purport harmony in your home and office. By practicing the rules of this art of placement, it’s said that people can have better relationships with, and relax more in, their habitat. So how does one arrange their belongings to harmonize energy and turn their environment more happy and calm? Here are some tips:

    Place Sofa Strategically
    Place your sofa against a wall—leaving a few inches of breathing room between the two—farthest from the entrance, ideally having the door in clear view.

    Place Bed In Commanding Position
    Similar to the sofa, you don’t want your bed in line with the door, but facing it, so you can see the door. If this isn’t possible, place a mirror such that you can see the door while in bed, but make sure you don’t see yourself, which is said to be startling.

    Bring Energy into Space Above Kitchen Cabinets
    The space between the top of the kitchen cabinets and ceiling is typically where dust and energy (or Chi) is collected and stagnant. Placing plants, lights, or objects in that space is said to bring life to the area and encourage energy flow.

    Clear Entryway
    Your entryway is where the energy flows into your home. Anything in that area is said to obstruct flow—this includes bicycles, plants, and mail. Clear the area to allow an unobstructed flow of Chi into your environs.

    Bring Life into Bedroom
    A handful of plants can bring much needed cheer and life force into a bedroom. Greenery is said to improve love life.

    Fix the Broken
    Creaking doors, faucets and locks should all be fixed as they bring on unneeded frustration. Fixing those helps smooth out energy.

    Get Rid of Bedroom Television
    The positive ions emitted by television and other electronics is said to drain your body’s energy. Rid yourself of the bedroom television or at least cover it when not in use.

    Clear Clutter
    Feng Shui or not, we all know to clear clutter. Clutter reminds us of our unfinished tasks and saps our energy. Besides, who wants to look at it anyway?