Fun things to do with your family on New Year’s

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    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s life this year. For that reason, even the welcoming of the new year will be very different than last year. There aren’t any public gatherings for the holidays and the only way we can celebrate the New Year is with our families and friends. That’s why full service movers NYC gave us the idea to list a couple of fun things to do with your family on New Year’s. Here are just some suggestions on how to welcome the New Year and create great family memories at the same time.

    Fun things to do with your family on New Year’s – Fancy dinner

    Prepare your finest tableware! It’s time to hold a fancy dinner. And when will there be a better time? New Year’s Eve is the best time to put them out on the table. Have a talk with your family and choose what will be on the menu. Give everyone some task, like cooking or pouring drinks. If you aren’t in the mood for cooking and staying in the kitchen for a whole day, you can always support your favorite restaurant if they bring the food to your home. Above all, this is a chance to be supportive and share a nice evening with your family, so use it wisely.

    New Year's dinner
    Making a beautiful dinner for New Year’s is a great idea

    Look back to look forward

    In order to freely continue and look into the future, you need to say goodbye to the past. Get your family around and talk about the things that happened in 2020. This is the best way to talk about everything negative that happened this year and leave it behind. Also, to bring some positivity into a new year you can talk about the good things that happened. Not even the storage Bergen County units could have enough space for all the memories you could make with your family by doing this.

    Fun things to do with your family on New Year’s – Do your favorite things

    What’s a better opportunity to spend your last day of the year than to do everything you and your family love? Create a list of things you and your family like to do and try to complete everything before the clock strikes midnight. For example, you can make a pajama party, or hike down your favorite trail, pack and unpack presents, bake your favorite cookies. The options are limitless. Get your family around and do the things you love.

    Presents on the floor
    You can organize fun activities for the day you’re waiting for the arrival of the New Year

    Virtual events

    As many events are canceled, especially public celebrations of New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to enjoy the ball drop in NYC. But, there are still ways to celebrate and feel like a part of the crowd. Even if there are people who have been long-distance moving just to be part of this event. There will be surely online manifestations that will be organized. On the other hand, if the ball won’t drop outside there are ways to create your own little event. Create your own ball or pinata, and tear it up when midnight comes around. Fill it up with candy or New Year’s wishes.

    Fun things to do with your family on New Year’s – Movie marathon

    Get your family together and choose your favorite films to watch. Everyone picks one, so it’s very possible that you’ll spend five or six hours of the day. While watching movies don’t forget to bring out some snacks. Or even better, try to make a little competition out of it. Everybody can make snacks that will be eaten during their film, and when the marathon ends, vote on who made the best snacks for the last day of the year.

    Fun things to do with your family on New Year’s – Set up a gratitude jar

    Like every type of resolution, this one can be a great one for the start of the year. But let’s hope this one sticks! The idea is simple. Bring a jar on a table and whenever you or your family member feels grateful for something they should write it down and put it in the jar. Next year open it up and see how much and for what you and your loved ones were grateful for.

    Celebrate New Year’s early

    This can be a great idea if you live with small kids that won’t make it awake until midnight. Close your windows and pull the curtains and make your kids believe it’s midnight. If you don’t like the idea of making a white lie to your kids you can use the world clock to find the place that fits your schedule the most. This is the perfect way to celebrate with everyone and even the younger ones in your home.

    You can always celebrate the coming of the New Year early

    Fun things to do with your family on New Year’s – Family photos

    Take out your family photo album and look at old pictures. That’s a great way to relive old memories and share those stories with your younger ones. Of course, after all the reminiscing it’s appropriate to gather everyone around to take a couple of pictures to remember this moment. Under those new pictures that you’ll put in the album, you can write down the resolutions that you have for the next year.

    When a new year is on the way there are many wishes and resolutions that we have for it. But before the new year comes, we need to celebrate the passing of the old one fittingly. There are countless ways to celebrate it. And what is a better way to do it than with your family around? For that reason, we hope that our list of fun things to do with your family on New Year’s will be helpful to you and get your loved ones together. We wish you a Happy New Year!