Homes for the homeless people made out of shipping containers

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    Shipping containers, that once made their way across the Pacific Ocean from China, are being re-purposed into a 16 unit apartment building in Orange County, CA. The units, created by the American Family Housing, will house homeless veterans and their families.

    With the number of homeless people in the county reaching numbers of more than 15,000, up from 13,000 in 2014, the organization is looking to provide housing that is quick and economical but also permanent and home-like.

    Really, shipping containers?

    The project, called Potter’s Lane, will use the shipping containers as the structure for the building. They were cut, welded and installed with wall board, windows, electrical and plumbing. They will be attached three to a unit and stacked to be two stories high. The structure, complete with a modern wood and glass facade will hardly reveal its origins as a transportation device. The units will be energy efficient, structurally strong, and beautiful. It just so happens that the most plentiful and useful resource to do this is a shipping container.

    American Family Housing knows that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to California’s homeless population, but they are hoping that the project will inspire other organizations to take action. And with tiny homes on the rise, there could be many more shipping container complexes to come.