How much will it cost you to cancel a moving contract?

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    Are you thinking about canceling your moving contract? It may happen that you have had some unexpected costs, the home you wanted to relocate to is no longer available, or the reason can be completely different. Whatever the situation you are in, you should know that it is certainly possible to cancel a moving contract. However, this comes with a price. In this article, you will have a chance to learn what are the terms of this action and how much you will have to pay. If it happens that you are going through a process of this kind, it will be useful to read it.

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    If you have decided to cancel a moving contract, you should notify your moving company

    Remember to notify your mover as soon as you make a decision

    Something that every conscientious client should do is to notify their moving company if they have changed their mind about the relocation. Of course, this is something you should do as soon as possible. That is, the very moment you decide to cancel a moving contract, you should get in touch with your mover. The sooner you do this, the less money you will have to pay, even if you have some additional services.

    As a matter of fact, it is even possible that you will not have to pay anything. This is usually the case if you have concluded a distance contract. For example, this is a situation in which you have contacted your mover by phone or online. In addition to this, you will also not have to pay any fees if your moving company has not respected certain commitments.

    Why should you pay fees in the first place?

    You may wonder why there are extra costs when you are canceling your contract and your movers will not have to do any hard physical work. You should bear in mind that this is a carefully planned operation. The very moment you have contacted your full-service movers NYC, they have started making a plan on how to carry out your move. They need quite a lot of time for this.

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    There is a reason why you should pay fees for canceling your moving contract

    For example, they should do some calculations in order to see how many moving boxes and how much moving supplies they are going to need. In case you add several moving services to your agreement, their planning also takes time. Since they want you to have a stress-free relocation, they do their job thoroughly. So, paying certain fees for cancellation is meant to compensate for their time and energy.

    How much money you are going to need if you decide to cancel a moving contract?

    The amount of money you are going to need for fees depends on the contract you have signed. If this situation happens, the best thing you should do is to read it carefully. In case you cannot find it or you do not understand the terms, we are going to share some rules a majority of movers stick to. Of course, you should know that there may be variations since not every moving company operates in the same way. If it happens that you have put your trust in movers NYC to NJ, do not hesitate to call them. If not, here is what you should be aware of:

    • in case you contact your mover more than 10 working days before the moving day, the chances are great that you will not have to pay anything;
    • you will not be in a situation to pay more than 30% of the total charge in case you cancel a moving contract between 5 and 10 working days before the relocation;
    • if you call your mover to let them know you have changed your mind less than 5 days before the moving day, you will have to pay more. Prepare to pay as much as 60% of your complete moving costs;
    • the more you wait, the more you will pay. This means that if you wait 24 hours before the moving day, you will have to pay up to 75% of the total moving charge;
    • avoid waiting until your moving day if it is possible. The reason for this is simple- some moving companies may charge up to 100% of the complete amount.
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    In order to learn exactly how much money you should pay, contact your moving company

    Contact your moving company in order to learn more

    Either if you are thinking about or you have decided to cancel a moving contract, contact your mover. Avoid waiting because, as you have had a chance to see, this means larger fees. Also, notifying your moving company in advance also means a lot to them. Even if you have changed your mind, they still have a great number of relocations to complete.

    They need a lot of time to plan each and to complete all of the tasks. For example, if you have added packing services to your moving agreement, they have made a plan on how much time they are going to need for that. So, be conscientious and give them a call on time.

    Changing your place of residence does not always go as planned. Even though you have made a moving checklist and done your best to complete all the tasks, something came up. There is a great number of situations that can affect this process and make you think about whether to cancel it. We have given you an insight into how much it will cost if you cancel a moving contract. You have also had a chance to see that, in a great majority of cases, it all depends on how long you wait to notify your mover. They will also appreciate the fact that you have informed them on time.