How to celebrate after an office move

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    Moving an office is a huge endeavor. Many departments have to work together to make it work. And a lot of planning is necessary to execute it right. Otherwise, you risk making a mistake that can end up costing a lot of money. Not to mention the loss of customers. That is why once shipping companies in New York relocate your company, it is time to celebrate. All the employees gave their maximum to keep things running smoothly. And a lot of them had to move away to a new and unknown city. That is why everybody deserves a day to rejoice. Here are a few tips that will help you organize everything and celebrate after an office move.

    To have a proper celebration after an office move you need to plan

    To successfully organize any kind of event, you need a good plan. Therefore once you have moved into the new offices, start by setting a date for the party. Do not immediately set it, but make it more of a suggestion. Because a lot of people will still be settling in. And some of them are still in the process of relocation with interstate movers NJ. Thus make an official announcement via email and see if everybody is ok with the date. Once everybody agrees, it is time to plan. Since your new office spaces are different in size, you should choose the more appropriate one. However, if the one you have chosen is bigger, then do not organize an intimate party. Because it is more suitable for smaller spaces.

    three women talking and holding papers
    A good team of people will manage in no time to plan an office party after the move

    Organize a party after the company relocation with a team of people

    If you have a large firm with a lot of employees, it will be almost impossible for one person to organize everything. Therefore if you wish to celebrate after an office move, surround yourself with a good team of people. You can ask the same team that helps you organized the office relocation. So once commercial movers NYC have unloaded everything, you can ask your team for suggestions. Write down all the ideas because you might end up combining a few. Also, always delegate the work. Depending on where they excel, give them a task and guide them. But keep in mind that all the planning has to be done on top of regular work. So it will take a bit of time to organize everything.

    If you wish to celebrate after an office move you’ll need a proper theme for the party

    The best way to decide on the party theme is to take into consideration the customers and the business. Who are the people that you work for? What kind of business do you have? Is it a more traditional one whit formal wear and 9 to 5 hours. Or is it a more casual one that is full of enthusiastic young people and a laid-back vibe? If it is the first one, after your long-distance move, start preparing for a formal party. And if it is the second one, then you can have a more relaxed one. It all depends on the business. For example, a contraction company should not have a fancy dress party. Consider inviting the clients. It is a great opportunity to mingle and make new connections. Thus the theme will depend on them as well.


    people in the office celebrating christmas
    You can not properly celebrate after an office move if you do not have a party theme

    Send the invitations for the office party

    Once you have set the date and agreed upon the theme of the party, it is time to send the invites. One way to do it is to send emails. However, they are the simplest solution and will not surprise anybody. Instead, think of creative solutions to this problem. For example, send invites via the post office. Make a creative design. But do not deviate too much from the theme of the party. Also, keep all the business logos so your clients do not overlook the invitation. Visually is the simplest way to be recognized. But do not be lazy and send the invites last minute. People will need time to plan and free that day. So make sure you do it a month in advance.

    Book the music and catering for the office celebration

    You will need good food, drink, and music for a proper party. Without one of these, it is not a celebration. For music, you might need to do a bit of research. One of the solutions is to hire a DJ. You should check his playlist in advance so that you do not get surprised at the party. You can also book a band or compile a playlist on a computer. The last one is the cheapest solution and can ultimately satisfy everybody’s tastes. Ask employees to give you a list of songs they would love to hear and put it on a playlist. The thing about office parties people often forget is that you should never have complicated food. People will mingle and talk and dripping souse will be a disaster. Something small but tasteful is the key to a good office party.

    food on a plate
    Do not choose food that is too complicated to eat

    Properly celebrate after an office move with a little bit of planning

    Business moves are stressful for everybody involved. So why not celebrate after an office move. Once everything is unpacked and work resumes, you should start planning. The business that you do will dictate the party theme. Also, make sure to invite the clients, so everybody can mingle and get to know each other. There are some great DJs in New York, and you should take some time to find the perfect one. Also, see what different catering businesses offer. With a little bit of planning and time, your office is guaranteed to have a blast.