How to celebrate Halloween the Brooklyn way?

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    If you are looking to move to Brooklyn this fall, and wish to know what are the best places where you can celebrate Halloween the Brooklyn way, we’ve got an article for you! You best be working fast, though, as the event is rapidly approaching. If you want to have a fast, reliable, and stress-free move, all you have to do is contact best movers NYC and we will make it happen. Today, we have selected six of our favorite places and activities that you can partake of this holiday. From Ghouls and Gourds to the Halloween Harvest, there is plenty to discover and enjoy!

    How to celebrate Halloween the Brooklyn way? Best places to visit!

    Here are our top picks for this Halloween season:

    • Ghouls and Gourds
    • Night of the Crawling Dead
    • Park Slope Halloween Parade
    • Boo at the Zoo
    • Halloween Haunted Walk and Fair
    • Halloween Harvest at Luna Park
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    Ghouls and Gourds

    To start things off, this is an event for the whole family that is held at the Botanic Garden. You can enjoy live entertainment in the way of musical performances, circus acts, gargantuan puppets, and even a troupe that performs on stilts. A favorite of Brooklyn movers, this event also features book signings and activities that are more hands-on. Just make sure that you have your costumes ready, as there will be a costume parade as well. Truly a place of wonder for all ages but definitely more suited for families and their children.

    Night of the Crawling Dead

    But if you want something that is more “Adult” then discover the Night of the Crawling Dead. This amazing tour has everything that you might want from Halloween, from trick and treating, various shrieks and howls, as well as plenty of drinks. You will be hopping from bar to bar and be treated to various exclusive drinks you can’t get anywhere else. There are many benefits of raising children in Brooklyn but you should leave them at home for this one. It is a 21-and-up event, after all. This is a bit of a shame, to be honest, as they would surely enjoy the scavenger hunt on this tour. Nonetheless, you will visit many top saloons, taverns, bars, and pubs while doing all of this. It is a Brooklyn special which you can’t afford to miss.

    Celebrate Halloween the Brooklyn way – Park Slope Halloween Parade

    Here’s something else for you and the kids to do. This is one of the best Brooklyn parades and it is a host to the largest children’s march in the entire U.S.! Just imagine a throng of children running left and right, receiving threats from various Seventh and Fifth avenue merchants and you get the gist of it. After the march is over, there is a costume contest with various categories. Categories change every year but if you have put enough work into the costume, you are sure to be noticed. Some of the previous ones were “Best classic characters” and “Most impressive use of materials”. Your hard work will definitely be rewarded by one category or another!

    Participate in Park Slope Halloween Parade!

    Boo at the Zoo

    Now, this is something special. The annual event hosted by the Prospect Park Zoo will have you partake in various activities. There will be face painting, encounters with animal wildlife, crafts, and much more. It is age-agnostic and everyone can have fun one way or another. After all, it is still a Zoo and those are always fun for the whole family. If you have just gone through a residential moving process and need a place to unwind, this might just be it. Visit the haunted barn which attained its legendary status a few years back, watch the baboons eat their Halloween treats, or even participate in the costume parade or the dance party at the Sea Lion Court.

    The best part is that everything above is absolutely free! Provided you buy the zoo admission ticket, of course. You can buy the tickets and find out more on their website. But better hurry if you want to reserve your spots on the busiest days. The space is somewhat limited, to ensure that everyone has a good time.

    A family-friendly event – Halloween Haunted Walk and Fair

    One of the most beloved annual events in Brooklyn is the Halloween Haunted Walk and Fair. Held on the Lookout Hill, this event draws in thousands of families each year. You are going to see werewolves, zombies, witches, and much more, as you stroll the woods of Lookout Hill. There is also the Fair on the Nethermead that has all the activities you might expect from Halloween, as well as providing some savory treats for your enjoyment. If you are an outdoor type of person, be sure to check this event out. It will not disappoint, we promise.

    Want to see zombies, witches, skeletons, and much more? Visit Halloween Haunted Walk and Fair.

    Enjoy Halloween the Brooklyn way – Visit Halloween Harvest at Luna Park

    Finally, why not celebrate Halloween at an amusement park? Coney Island houses an amazing Halloween Harvest Festival where you can enjoy a plethora of fun activities. Where else can you go for a dog costume contest, after all? There is also a pumpkin patch, one of NYC’s finest ones, in fact. And, of course, there are all the thrills that an amusement park offers such as the Soarin’ Eagle and the Coney Island Cyclone. If you’ve never experienced these rides, you’re in for the ride of your life.

    And if you prefer all the regular Halloween stuff such as face painting, arts and crafts, riding ponies, and so on, it is all there, as well. This is perhaps the most complete entertainment package that Brooklyn can offer.

    But all the entries on our list are great fun. All of the places and events are unique and they are all worth your time and money. If you want to celebrate Halloween the Brooklyn way, these are the places to go.