How to choose a moving date?

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    When you choose a moving date it can make your move easier and more streamlined. For that reason, it’s very important to have in mind that many factors can influence that date. Your moving date should never be random and needs to be chosen well. That’s why reputable movers NYC will always suggest that you decide on the day by looking at your personal situation. Here are just some of the things that can affect your move. Read carefully, some of them can even save you money!

    How to choose a moving date when on a budget?

    If you plan on moving you’ll have to think about your budget. One of the things that can help you save when relocating is to pick the right moving date. But how can that affect the price? Well for starters, if you find to move with someone on the same date, you can actually move two for the price of one. However, be sure that the local movers don’t mix your boxes up. In order to prevent that the best option is to label your boxes when packing. If you do that you’ll prevent any type of potential mishaps. So don’t be shy to go around the neighborhood and ask if someone’s moving around the same time as you. Asking around might just end up saving you a lot of money.

    Woman holding dollar bills
    When you choose a moving date, why not choose one that saves money?

    Know your responsibilities

    Many people are dependent on a budget. But if you’re not in a situation like that, the best way to choose a moving date is to follow your needs. For example, if you’re moving out of a rented house you better check the lease agreement before picking a moving date. Some landlords will require you to announce the move weeks if not months before the actual date. If you’re not complying with the terms you agreed with the landlord, you might have to suffer certain penalties and lose your deposit. On the other hand, if you’ve bought a home you’ll need to negotiate with the previous owners. One of your responsibilities is to make sure both you and the previous owners are comfortable with the date you’re moving in.

    Consider when are the movers available

    When you’re picking the right date you need to have the most important people in mind. The moving company and movers. They aren’t always available, so it’s best to give them at least 2 weeks’ notice before picking out a moving date. If you’re lucky enough to find a mover in a last-minute hurry, don’t expect world-class service. So when choosing, especially interstate movers, be aware of their schedule as well. Here are other factors you need to keep in mind when picking out a date:

    • Pick the right season – When it comes to a period of the year when movers are free, your best choice will be winter. It might be too cold for many to move, but if you’re on a budget and want a season when you’ll have movers ready to go, it’s the cold months of the year that will do the job for you.
    • Pick the right day – If you want a sure bet that you’ll have movers available, avoid the 1st of the month or dates around holidays. Generally, the best time for a move is in the middle of the month.
    Movers unloading boxes
    It’s best to pick a date when moving companies are more available than usual

    Choose the right time of the day

    If you already considered the time of the year and month, why not consider the time of the day? Probably the best time of the day to set your move up is the morning hours. By planning it then you’ll buy yourself time if the movers are late. But let’s be honest, in the early morning hours our movers NJ arrive the quickest to their destination. Studies have shown that people are generally more productive in the morning. And on top of that if problems arise you won’t feel like everything is rushed, as you have a lot of time available.

    Choose a moving date according to your work schedule

    Moving to a new city will probably come with many new challenges. One of them is searching for a new job. If you’ve already done your homework and networked before moving, you might’ve gotten lucky and found a job in your new area. For that reason, it’s important to have your moving date align with the date you start your new job. Some workplaces will require you to start on a certain date, so you better have housing set up before that date. If the employer doesn’t let you have the flexibility, this will probably be the date that is key for your move.

    Man having a phone call in front of the laptop
    When moving you need to think about work too. Aligning your moving date with the date you start at your new job is important.

    Have your children’s school schedule in mind

    When you’re moving it can deeply change your kids’ lives. Sometimes changing schools and making them find new friends in a new and unfamiliar place. However, if you’re a person that puts their kids first you’ll align the moving date with them. Depending on the age of your kids your date will have to be less flexible. For younger kids, a date that gives them time before the school year starts will give them fewer headaches. Obviously, this date will be closer to the start of the school year if you have older kids, as they are easier to adapt to big changes.

    Having a good game-plan when it comes to moving is an important component. We hope that we gave you some concrete examples of what to watch out for when it’s time to choose a moving date. Obviously, there are other important parts of moving. Like having reputable and professional movers that are highly ranked on the Better Business Bureau list. A great move is built on your needs and having a great moving company at an affordable price.