How to choose the best Brooklyn neighborhood to raise a family

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    Brooklyn is a great place to raise a family. Not only is it very appealing for hipsters, artists, business people, and young entrepreneurs, but it also has many family-friendly neighborhoods. That is why moving to Brooklyn with your family can be one of the best decisions you have ever made. However, the moving process itself is often very stressful and challenging. In addition to finding the best movers NYC, you need to pack all your belongings, research the best Brooklyn neighborhoods to raise a family, and plan the relocation process. Once you settle down, you can start enjoying everything this great New York borough has to offer.

    Brooklyn bridge
    There are many great family-friendly neighborhoods in Brooklyn

    How to choose the best family-friendly neighborhood in Brooklyn?

    Brooklyn has become one of the most desirable NYC boroughs for people with children. It offers a peaceful environment, great schools, reliable Brooklyn movers, family stores, excellent restaurants, vast parks, family-friendly features, and great business opportunities. Those are some of the reasons people with kids move here. If you are wondering how to find the best Brooklyn neighborhoods to raise a family, make a list of priorities. Some of the things you should include in your list are:

    • Schools – It is important to choose a neighborhood that has a good school nearby. As you already know, moving home and changing schools can be very stressful and even traumatic for kids. So, include your children in the decision-making process and find a school they like.
    • Safety – Neighborhood safety should be one of your main priorities, especially when living in NYC. Research the crime rate in neighborhoods you like and make sure the area you choose is family-friendly.
    • Family-friendly activities – Research kid-friendly attractions in areas you consider living in. Make sure that activities your kids enjoy are close to your new home. Also, beware of the interest and hobbies your family members have while choosing the perfect neighborhood in Brooklyn.

    Brooklyn Heights is one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods to raise a family

    Brooklyn Heights is a beautiful, charming, historic neighborhood. It is a very popular family neighborhood, but also one of the most expensive Brooklyn areas to live in. It has many family-friendly features. The neighborhood is home to numerous elite private schools and a beautiful, 85-acre Brooklyn Bridge Park. Parts of Brooklyn Heights are “slow zones” with a 20 mph speed limit, which makes the area safer for pedestrians.

    Family choosing a new home
    Your entire family should be included in the moving process


    The neighborhood has borrowed its name from its location, Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. It borders Brooklyn Bridge Park and is a great choice for families. Spend some time at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum and Brooklyn Heights Library or take a ride on Jane’s Carousel. No wonder this is one of Brooklyn’s most up-and-coming residential areas. In addition, Dumbo is a popular place to live for people in the financial services and tech industries.

    One of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods to raise a family is Park Slope

    This neighborhood is a great family-friendly destination. There are many playgrounds in the area, popular private schools, as well as the second-largest public park in Brooklyn, Prospect Park. Park Slope is well-known for its Halloween Parade, Brooklyn Pride parade, and St. Patrick’s Day Parade. It has a low crime rate, trendy shops, many restaurants, and bars. The pace of life is relatively slower than in other central Brooklyn neighborhoods.

    Windsor Terrace is a great family-friendly neighborhood

    This residential area is located just to the south and east of Park Slope. It has great family-friendly features, such as Nitehawk Cinema, shops, restaurants, Gallop NYC, Vanderbilt, and Greenwood playgrounds. Also, it has notable schools, and it is within walking distance of Prospect Park. If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a quieter and calmer area, this is the perfect neighborhood.

    How to organize a successful move

    The most important part of organizing relocation is finding reliable movers. Regardless of whether you are looking for office movers NYC or residential movers, you want a company that is licensed and offers insurance. Also, your movers should be experienced, well-equipped, and trained. The moving market in NYC is well-developed so, with some research, you won’t have problems finding the perfect moving company for you.

    Movers carry boxes
    Good movers can greatly facilitate the moving process

    When you start researching moving service NYC, visit specialized moving websites. These sites, such as Better Business Bureau, offer general information about companies, reviews, and ratings. Read previously submitted comments and complaints to get an idea about the quality of service the company offers. Ask your friends and family members for a recommendation, if they have experience with NYV movers. There is nothing more valuable than honest feedback from the people you trust.

    In conclusion

    Although Brooklyn is known worldwide for its many attractions and vibrant nightlife, it is also a great place for families. Before you start researching the borough’s best neighborhoods, think about what your family wants and needs. What is your budget? What kind of house or apartment would you like to live in? Think about location and proximity to schools, as well as public transport. Once you determine your priorities, you can start looking for the best Brooklyn neighborhoods to raise a family. Make sure you find trustworthy movers with a lot of experience. They will handle your possessions with care and ensure a safe and successful move. Moving to Brooklyn is a huge step in your life and make sure you are prepared and everything is properly planned. Don’t forget to enjoy the start of this new chapter!