How to find a storage unit near your home?

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    Storage units are slowly becoming a necessity. We accumulate so much stuff in our homes and we rarely throw anything away. After all, it all might have come in handy one day. Normally, we also want our storage unit to be within easy reach, so we can have our things when we need them. If you are looking for storage Bergen County that is close to your home, you have some “legwork” to do. Finding the right storage unit for your needs, which is also close-by, can prove to be difficult at times. This article is going to try to reduce that difficulty by providing you with some advice on how to find it. We will also touch base on the storage units themselves, for the sake of completeness.

    Find a storage unit near your home – Useful advice

    To start with, you need to prepare mentally for doing some research and making a lot of phone calls. There are many storage companies out there and some of them are bound to have a solution that is perfect for you. But you need to find them first. The best places to start are the full services movers NYC. All of them have storage units in their offer and they are a great source of information, as well. Start by compiling a list of companies and then contact them one by one. Don’t go for the first storage unit that seems alright, it is always best to “shop around”.

    You might also want to check some reviews if you want to make sure that your belongings will be safe. Especially so if you are about to rent a storage unit from a relatively unknown company. See what the people are saying, and if it satisfies you, go for it. The more research you do, the better experience you will have.

    woman talking on the phone
    Call all storage facilities around you in order to find a perfect one.

    What is self-storage and why do you need a storage unit for?

    Here are some details on storage units and why you might want to utilize them:

    • Find a storage unit near your home if you are remodeling!
    • Long-distance move sometimes require storage space
    • Rent a storage unit for business purposes
    • Store your vehicle
    • Make more space in your home

    Find a storage unit near your home if you are remodeling!

    If you are planning to remodel your home, you might want to empty it first. A storage unit is a perfect solution as it will enable you to have easy access to your belongings, as well as free up space in your house. Just make sure that you properly read the lease before signing it. You may need the unit only for a short period of time, and some leases lock you into a 6 or 12-month period. Always ask about that before you sign anything. Don’t be in a rush to get the unit, for any reason whatsoever. That is how problems occur.

    You will need a storage unit if you are moving, selling your house, decluttering, or remodeling!

    Long-distance move sometimes require storage space

    When going through a long-distance relocation, you will want to have a storage unit, just in case. It is not uncommon for your belongings to arrive before you and not having a unit ready means that you will need to pay extra to whoever is moving your items. Long-distance moving is all about being prepared for any eventuality, after all. The good news is that your moving company will most likely be able to provide you storage which is close to your home. If they can’t, it may be best to go with another mover.

    Rent a storage unit for business purposes

    A lot of businesses will have use for extra storage space. It almost does not matter what kind of business it is, there are always items that you will need but can’t have in your office space. Or you may be going through business relocation and you need to store your items while the new office is getting ready. Having a storage unit becomes really handy in those times. Of course, it is important that it is close-by, so you can move your stuff with minimal time investment.

    Store your vehicle

    Storing a vehicle is a common thing for which people rent storage units. The lack of parking space annoys many a driver and having a storage unit to park within can be a real time saver. Yes, it will most likely cost you more than purchasing a parking space, true. But in some areas, you can’t really get that parking space no matter how much you’re willing to pay. In those cases, the best solution is to find a storage unit near your home. Or you may want to place your car into long term storage. Whatever the reason, having a storage unit that is near you makes everything more convenient. Even if you don’t think you will need your vehicle, it is always good to be able to retrieve it asap when you do.

    a car
    Rent a storage unit to store your vehicle safely.

    Make more space in your home

    The classic. You have too much stuff and it is clogging your home. In those cases, a storage unit is a really big quality of life improvement. Especially if you can’t come to an arrangement as to which items to throw away. Having a storage unit means that you can have your cake and eat it, too. Being close to your home is a big plus, obviously.

    How to find the perfect storage unit near your home?

    Finally, here are some additional tips on finding that storage unit close to home:

    • Pick a good location – Location is everything. Try to assess everything that the location has to offer. If the unit is a bit further away, but you have easy transport to it, and you are storing small items, suddenly it becomes a lot more appealing.
    • Choose the right size of the storage unit – This is really important. You are going to pay rent for size and if you are not using it fully, it is a waste of money. Always go for around 15% larger than what you think you might need.
    • Do not pay for features that you don’t need – Storage units can come with a variety of services and benefits. Always check the lease to see whether there are some services included that you don’t want. This can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.