How to help your movers while keeping your distance

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    People still go through the process of relocation even though it is the coronavirus pandemic. Of course, this is not something you should postpone just because of the current state of affairs. You have nothing to worry about because your movers are going to pay as much attention as you will. There still are some things you can do to help your movers while keeping your distance. Here is what you can do and in what ways you can do it.

    How to help your movers while keeping your distance?

    You already know that it is not always possible to keep at least six feet of space between yourself and others. This is something you have learned even from going to a grocery store. Your relocation is a process during which it will be inevitable to make this distance shorter between you and your movers. However, if you put your trust in the best movers NYC has to offer, you will not have to worry about this.

    Moving boxes in a room
    One of the ways in which you can help your movers while keeping your distance is by letting them take your boxes to the moving truck

    Their professionals are going to do everything they can to keep their distance. This means also that you will not be the one to do the heavy lifting. They are going to do it on your behalf and you will not have to come near your movers. Feel free to spend this time checking whether you have packed everything in other parts of your home.

    Your movers will help you in this process as well

    The pandemic made all people more responsible. This means that moving companies have also thought of several ways in which they can make your mission possible. Basically, the first thing you should know is that they will be able to provide you with a virtual quote. A professional from the moving company will not be coming to your home. So, just ask for a moving estimate and they will let you know something more about this. In addition to this, they will certainly come to your home on a moving day fully equipped. Also, they will disinfect their hands and shoes before entering your home. As you can see, your moving company will do everything to protect you.

    Store some of your belongings

    The fewer boxes you have, the less time your movers will need to relocate you. So, what you should do is to rent the most secure climate-controlled storage NJ can offer and store some of your items. Think about what you are not going to need for some time and pack those items first. Cross them off your list and you will surely feel more relieved. In case you are taking the boxes to storage on your own, do not forget to protect yourself.

    A warehouse
    Feel free to store some of your items- you will have fewer boxes to transport

    However, if your movers will come to your home to pick the boxes up, make sure everything is ready before they come. You can even put all of the boxes as near the entrance door as you can. By doing this, you will surely not have any contact with your movers. This is yet another way in which you can help your movers while keeping your distance.

    If there are some reasons for you to delay your move, think about it

    In case you are sick, distancing yourself from others is something that is preferable to do. It is a much better idea to isolate yourself and prevent others from getting sick as well. Feel free to contact your mover and notify them about this. They will surely not make any problem, they will understand you. The same situation should be if you have been in contact with an infected person. Even if their symptoms are not that bad, it is better to be safe than sorry. Of course, your movers will be grateful to you because you have done the right thing. Your residential relocation will be rescheduled but this will not affect the quality of moving services you are going to be provided with.

    Avoid getting free moving supplies

    Even though this is something that can help you save some money, it is preferable to abstain from it. When the situation is the way it is, do your best to remain safe. Also, by avoiding to get free moving supplies, you are also helping your movers. You will not be at risk and neither will they. So, what you can do is to use the supplies you already have. You will be surprised how many items you can use in different ways. The good thing is that you will lessen the number of your moving boxes.

    A woman packing her things
    Use the packing supplies you already have and you will reach your goal for sure

    On the other hand, if you do not have the time for something of this kind, you can always add packing services to your moving agreement. This means that your movers will pack your belongings and they will bring new, unused packing supplies with them. While they are doing the packing part, you can check your yard or have a coffee in a different part of your home.

    The pandemic will surely not last forever. However, while it is present on such a large scale, you should do everything you can in order to keep yourself and your movers safe. We have provided you with several pieces of advice on how to help your movers while keeping your distance. As you have had a chance to see, there are some things that you can do and speed up the moving process. Do them and you will surely feel much safer. If something as useful as this comes to your mind, do not hesitate to put it into practice.