How to make a perfect moving checklist?

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    Almost all the important bits of the move happen, in all actuality, before the move actually occurs. It is the planning phase of this particular process that truly matters more than any other. Moving takes meticulous and comprehensive planning and therefore, it takes pen, paper, and lists. Lots and lots of lists. In particular, checklist format is a great one for keeping up with the move. So, with that in mind, and with a presumption that you are here in order to be best prepared for your move – how a make a perfect moving checklist?

    In order to make a perfect moving checklist – take inventory top priority

    Before any fine local movers NYC can do their job, they have to have a piece of very important information. What are they moving (and possible packing)? What will be the possesions you want to be relocated. Well, when trying to make a perfect moving checklist you absolutely have to keep this in mind. So, your first thing to check on your list is to take inventory and see what will go, and what will go away.

    labeled moving boxes
    Make an inventory of the things you need to have packed.

    But possessions around the house come in all shapes and sizes! How to categorize them all, you may wonder. Well, the good news is that you can largely organize your items into categories of your own choosing. You can make them whatever you want. They can be by size, shape, usability, value – whatever indeed. However, where you lack freedom of choice is the existence of such a list. We highly encourage you to make one. And, should you find yourself in lack of imagination and in need of help, we compiled a list of categorizes we would recommend

    • First off in your effort to make a perfect moving checklist should be the category of essentials. Things you absolutely should not move without and that you cannot lose or recover. 
    • Secondly, there are things that will be packed and relocated. Things you use often and are of good use and should be part of your new home as well. 
    • Then, you should also consider putting a category for things you will sell or donate – items that are not of any use for you but could be so for someone else. Here, we recommend online or garage selling or donating to one of many New York charities.
    • Finally, there are things that no one, not you not anyone, will ever have any use for. Those are on the garbage category. For them, you only need to consider how to dispose of them. We recommend that you turn to recycle whenever you can. It is not much but it is something. Even the smallest of steps matter in the fight to save the planet. 


    Let us elaborate a little bit more on what essentials are when you make a perfect moving checklist. Essentials are, on the first look, rather self-explanatory. They are essential things – possessions you cannot do without. But what is that? What are things you absolutely should not consider moving without? For example, first thing to come to mind – medicine. 

    If you are moving, you definitely need to move with your medicine cabinet. This is also a great opportunity to go through your medicine and evaluate its expiration date and usage. If some labels are getting ever-less readable, this is also a wonderful time to give them some new labels and clear intake instructions. 

    Furthermore, you also have to move with your documents. You will find that you will need these at any time. The worst thing that can happen is for them to get lost, so keep them on your person at all times. Also, these are quite important if you are making an interstate relocation via long distance movers NYC. Or even international! Have documents on you, not packed up somewhere. 

    As for the things you want with you as well as the hygiene equipment. You never know how much the move is going to take. You want things like toothbrushes with you. 

    For the things that you want packed, there are toiletries, bedrooms and kitchen items (furniture and home appliances respectively). Those things are the first one to be unpacked when you move, as they are vital to a successful running of the household 

    Give some calls

    Before you move, be sure to call everyone that is even remotely relevant. Friends and family are a natural choice, but we are also talking about informing your gym that you are moving, the post office, various subscriptions. 

    a person holding a phone
    Contact people you can think of

    And remember that this is also the perfect time to call regarding additional services you want. Want some storage? Call storage Bergen County professionals. Does the piano need relocation? There are movers for that too! Whatever the job is, you can always find someone that is ready to provide it, but you have to call on time. Special services need special time preparations. 

    Movers go on the list

    What you also need to keep in mind is what Bergen County movers will be doing the job? Rember, you need a licenced mover. You also want people that have good experience and resume. That you can easily check on platforms such as Facebook, Google or Yelp, where ratings are given regarding their performance by previous clients.

    Organize a farewell party!

    And while you are leaving, why not enjoy it? As the last thing to put when trying to make a perfect moving checklist – have fun! Organize a farewell party. Invite family and friends for a drink, plain beer and/or a bite!

    boxes, representing how to make a perfect moving checklist
    Packing will be much easier once your checklist is ready.

    This will also be a good opportunity to recruit some of them in order to have some helping hand during the move.

    What it all comes down to 

    So, how do you make a perfect moving checklist? You keep in mind what matters, and go step by step. From planning to execution, and from most important things to the least important one. Follow our general guidelines and you will be just fine!