How to make more storage space in your NYC apartment

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    In a city like New York, it is common for people to run out of space due to the tiny apartments which most people have. Whether you have just moved into an apartment, or have been living there for a while. There are many ways to make more storage space in your NYC apartment. Here is some advice on how to do it from one of the best movers in NYC.

    Getting rid of your old things is one of the easiest ways to make more storage space in your NYC apartment

    There is no doubt that you have many old things that you don’t use nor want anymore. But they are still in your apartment taking up space. Everything from clothes to furniture. You should go through your whole apartment and figure out which things you want to keep and which you don’t. If there are things that you want to keep but don’t mind holding them elsewhere, you can find affordable storage in Bergen County and leave your things there. As for the things you want to get rid of, there are good ways to do that too.

    You can gift your old things to friends

    Maybe some of your friends are moving into a new apartment and could use a sofa which takes up too much space in yours. Or some other piece of furniture. It will be a nice thing to do and it will free up space in your apartment.


    There are many things that you can donate. From clothes that you haven’t worn in years to shoes and furniture. So go through your home and collect everything that can be donated. You can easily find some good moving boxes in NYC to pack all your things. And then take it to whichever place you chose to donate them to.

    Person holding a box donating things to make more storage space in their NYC apartment
    Donating is a good way to make space and help other people at the same time

    Selling your old things is a good option too

    If you think that you can sell some of your old things, that would be a great way to make more space in your NYC apartment and make money. Especially if you are for example planning a move to another country. Because you will have more money to hire one of the better shipping companies in New York. And you will have fewer things to bring with you.

    Install a room divider or a temporary wall

    This is a very easy way to make more room in your home. If you have a big bedroom or living room for example. You could get one of these two, whichever you think would fit in nicer in your apartment. And you will have one more room to use. If for example, you want to work from home, then the only thing you would need to do is to hire good office movers in NYC to move your office. There are many other things you can dedicate your new room to:

    • Storage room
    • Library
    • Walk-in closet
    • Gaming room
    • Guest room
    Gaming room with two monitors and computer on the desk
    Turning your new room into a gaming room is one of the many options

    Getting some multi-purpose furniture will give you a lot of storage space in your NYC apartment

    Furniture takes up the most space in the apartment. So using smaller multi-purpose versatile furniture will give you much more space than you can imagine. And it can fit nicely into any kind of aesthetic you are aiming for. This is one of the best ways to make more storage space in your NYC apartment if done properly.