How to organize a relocation to Brooklyn during holidays

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    The holiday season is upon us! Everyone is high-spirited and getting things done is a bit harder than usual. Moving your home is always a challenge and takes time to organize and orchestrate. But organizing a relocation to Brooklyn during the holidays is next-level stuff. This shouldn’t discourage you though, because we as one of the best movers NYC, have curated a few tips for you. Now let’s get down to business!

    A person packing for the relocation to Brooklyn during holidays
    Relocation to Brooklyn during holidays can be very stressful


    What you need to do first is get organized and start planning. Settle on a date for the move and begin your moving checklist! Checklists are an amazing tool that can help you stay on track during your preparation process. They will also give you an overlay of everything that needs to be done, so you will always be aware of the whole picture. And since it’s the holiday season, you’ll need to do the planning very carefully.

    Another amazing list you should consider writing down is an inventory list. As you pack later in your moving process, take the time to write down all of the items you pack. This will help you be aware of just how many items you own. And packing is the perfect time for it!

    Create a timeline

    Now it’s time to look over the facts. Ideally, you’ll have at least a month to prepare everything for the relocation. The minimum we recommend is 2 weeks, the exception being, of course, last-minute relocations. It’s crucial at this point that you decide on what should be done when. You need to be aware of how much time you have for certain aspects of the packing and try to stick as closely as possible to the plan you made.

    Unfortunately, things rarely go according to plan, and especially during a festive season. This is why our next tip is to try and plan everything out so you have a few extra days left before the relocation itself. If anything goes awry, you’ll have the time to make up for it.

    What exactly should you look for? Inspect the interior and exterior of your home. See if any of your furniture can be disassembled before movers arrive. Plan a route for the movers, maybe it’s a hallway, maybe it’s stairs. You need to be aware of all of this before hiring movers. Maybe you’ll need some supplies? Our moving boxes NYC can be the perfect solution for you.

    Book all needed services in time!

    When organizing a relocation to Brooklyn during the holidays, you’ll need to book everything in advance. This can be tricky if you’re in need of a last-minute relocation. Since this is around the holiday season, you might run into some bumps in the road. A number of companies won’t be working and available the whole season. This is why you’ll need reliable movers now more than ever.

    A woman on the phone booking moving services in advance
    Remember to book everything on time!

    Our skilled Brooklyn movers will be available and ready for your holiday relocation. We offer a wide variety of services and pride ourselves in providing personalized service. Anything can be arranged!

    Packing time

    Now that you’ve finished all the logistics, it’s time to go hands-on. Packing can be a fun activity you share with your friends and family. It can be a little bonding experience where you’re packing, but also make the time for tea and chatting. Everything is more fun in the company of our good friends.

    So, where should you start? A rule of thumb is to go by room and this has proved time and time again to be the best way of going about things. We recommend you start with rooms that aren’t very often in use. Maybe some old closet where you store items or a guest bedroom.

    Items you need for packing:

    • boxes of various sizes
    • packing tape
    • Styrofoam, bubble wrap, or packing paper
    • duct tape
    • labels, markers

    For things that can break easily, we recommend you take them with you in the car. They need to be wrapped in something to protect them anyways, but in your car, they won’t be moving around too much. This goes for vases, paintings, statues, jewelry, etc. It’s always safest to take these things by your side.  Our moving service NYC has some options to help out with packing as well!

    Also, pro tip: While packing use labels so you know exactly where what is. These labels can be just KITCHEN, or you can go in-depth KITCHEN UTENSILS, for example, then a box for plates, cups, etc. This will make unpacking so much easier for you. And don’t forget to make that inventory list while packing up your home!

    Ask for help

    We’re all so used to just doing everything by ourselves that we forget to ask for help when needed. It’s the holiday season, you’ll have a million things to do, asking for help is almost mandatory! Your friends and family will surely want to help you out anyway, so don’t be shy and just ask. As we’ve mentioned, it can even be a fun activity. You’ll get things done quicker AND hang out with your loved ones! Sounds like a win-win situation to us.

    A couple packing together
    Everything is more fun with friends, even packing!

    Be aware of things out of your control

    The following period will be hectic, to say the least. When things get out of hand, just take a deep breath and start again when you’ve had a bit of rest. Unless you take the time to take care of yourself, you will most likely get sick. Remember to always rest enough and stock up on your vitamins!

    Enjoy the holiday season

    Even though you’ll be organizing a relocation to Brooklyn during the holidays, you need to remember that the holidays are family time. It’s important to give a lot of attention to your family and still enjoy some quality time with your friends and family. So, organize well, take breaks, enjoy your holidays and your new home will be following suit!