How to pack your garage tools

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    You are planning to move and there are a thousand tasks that you need to do to complete this process. One of the tasks is that you need to do is to pack up your entire garage. People usually leave this room last and put it off because of the number of things piled up in there. Furthermore, appliances that you keep in your garage are usually quite large and bulky and you need to be sure to pack them correctly not to damage them and the items with which you pack them. But don’t worry, you can easily pack your garage tools with these tips and tricks. If you do not want the hassle of having to do this task yourself, you can always enlist the services of movers NJ.

    Sort your items

    Before the move, you need to do a deep clean of your garage. Take a look at the things you have and decide what you want to keep, donate, and throw away. There is no sense in packing up and moving things you do not use and just keep collecting dust in your garage.

    Pack your garage tools
    Sort out what you need and don’t need before you pack your garage tools.

    When you are done sorting everything out, you can always organize a garage sale and sell some of the things you do not need. If you do not want to organize a garage sale, you can always donate the tools you do not need and want.

    Too much stuff?

    If you find yourself with too many tools and appliances even after sorting them out, you can always look into storage services. This way you can keep your tools and use them periodically without them taking up too much space.

    Gather your supplies to pack your garage tools

    Most of your garage tools will be heavy and oddly shaped, so it is important to package them correctly. You will need sturdy boxes, preferably made from cardboard and recyclable. To protect your items in transportation, you can get biodegradable bubble wrap. Wrap everything individually and use what is left to fill up the box.

    You will need boxes and bubble wrap to pack your garage tools.

    Another thing that you will need is strong packing tape. If you can, get yourself a packing tape gun, as it will minimize the time needed to tape every box (it’s top and bottom). For large items, you will need packing blankets, but if you do business with a full service moving company, they can provide you with those.

    Leave the hazardous materials behind

    Due to safety reasons, some of the materials that are usually found in garages cannot be moved.

    Any reputable moving company will not move flammable items such as aerosol cans, gasoline, paint and paint thinners, propane tanks, and so on. Make sure to dispose of these materials correctly so as not to cause any damage to the environment.