How to prepare music instruments for moving

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    Moving precious and bulky items requires a lot of skill and patience. If you are a musician or just a music lover, you surely own a musical instrument or two. The trouble arises when you are about to move and need to figure out how to pack and transport your instruments. If you opt for hiring a professional company to help you move, then the best Brooklyn movers will know exactly how to handle your precious items. However, if you choose to prepare music instruments for moving by yourself, some professional tips may come in handy. Movage Moving + Storage offers some useful advice on how to deal with music instruments when moving.

    a guitar in a hard case is the best way to prepare music instruments for moving
    The best way to prepare musical instruments for moving is to keep them in a hard case

    How to prepare music instruments for moving?

    Whether you play an instrument professionally or just for fun, it is important to protect your instruments from damage. Music instruments are quite expensive and keeping them safe during the relocation should be your main focus. If you want to keep them in one piece, you need to be extremely cautious when handling these costly items. When preparing music instruments for moving, there are two main things to keep in mind:

    • find the proper packing material
    • make sure every single instrument is handled with utmost care
    • hire a reliable moving company

    Appropriate packing material for musical instruments

    The original casing is an ideal package for your instruments. In case you do not have it anymore, remember that every instrument requires special attention and care when packing. Make an extra effort to keep your valuable music items safe. In case you lack moving boxes, the best New York movers will be able to provide them for you in all shapes and sizes. They boast the top-quality packing supplies at the best rates, with polite and knowledgeable staff and 24-48h delivery service.

    Always remember to label each box properly. This will make your unpacking so much easier and you will save a lot of time and energy after the move. Smart planning and packing always lead to fast and successful unpacking.

    a piano keyboard
    Lock the keyboard, close the keyboard cover, remove the legs, and your piano is almost ready for moving


    The piano is one of the heaviest musical instruments. Luckily, professional movers are skilled at handling bulky items, and they have adequate equipment for such pieces of furniture. Removing the legs of the piano will make it easier to carry it through the door. Also, it will save the legs from damage, as these parts of the piano are easy to break. One of the ways to prepare the piano for moving is to lock the keyboard and close the cover. Also, make sure to wrap the pedals and legs with a thick layer of bubble wrap. Once you arrive at your new home and unpack, you will probably have to tune your instruments, so make sure to plan this in advance.

    String instruments

    If you are a guitar or a violin player, you will have to be extra careful with these delicate objects. Treat them as you would any other fragile item, to avoid any damage during transport. Loosen the strings before packing and wrap the instruments in plastic foil and bubble wrap. Keeping them in their original case during the moving process will be ideal. Even then, it is recommendable to wrap it in bubble wrap, or fill the case with packing paper, to prevent movements inside the case. Also, remove the guitar straps and pack them separately. In case you are not sure how to handle the packing of string instruments, ask your local movers NYC to assist you.

    Brass instruments

    Brass instruments are easy to disassemble and put into smaller boxes. There is a variety of bags and cases to buy, which will facilitate the packing and transportation of this type of instrument. However, if you cannot get a hold of bags or hard cases, use a lot of blankets and towels when wrapping and packing your instruments. Also, use plenty of bubble wrap and packing peanuts after putting instruments into hard cases, to fill the empty space inside the case.

    a man playing the saxophone
    Hire a reliable moving company to help you disassemble and pack your brass instruments


    Drums are energetic and fun when playing or listening to and, unlike the piano, easy to handle during relocation. Take the drums apart into smaller pieces and fill the box with packing paper before putting the drums inside. Remove the rims and place one drum inside the other and cover them in bubble wrap or packing paper. Do not forget to also wrap legs, tension, roads, sticks, and spurs. Drums are prone to scratches, so every musician is extra careful when relocating this instrument, in order not to compromise the quality of sound. After a successful relocation and unpacking, your drums will be ready for a jam session in your new home.

    Hire a reputable moving company

    Choosing the right company will have a positive impact on your relocation process. With a company that provides good customer service and has great customer reviews, your move will go swiftly and smoothly. One of the best movers NYC provide top-notch service to the residents of the New York area. They offer a wide range of moving-related services without any hidden costs whatsoever. Whether you need residential, commercial, or long-distance moving, Movage Moving + Storage is at your disposal. They also offer great storage solutions, where you may store away your musical instruments in case you lack space. You can obtain a free estimate for your move online and rest assured that this renowned company will follow through with any arrangement.

    The best way to prepare your music instruments for moving is to be informed on the subject and hire a trustworthy moving company. Moving musical instruments is not that hard when you gather enough information, plan in advance, and have assistance from your local movers.