How to store your summer sports equipment

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    The heat somehow never bothers us when we need to play summer sports. Kids especially enjoy the outdoors in the summer months. They play soccer, basketball, or tennis. These, but also other summer sports require extra equipment. It is not enough to just place them in the house. They can be damaged or on your way all the time. We deliver you now how can you store your summer sports equipment. Also, read on 9 tips for moving in the summer heat. So, take notes and you’ll be ready when the time comes.

    Clean your garage first before you store your summer sports equipment

    If you are into summer sports, or sports in general, there must be plenty of stuff you need. And if you have kids, things will stack faster than you can imagine. Rackets, balls, gloves, bats, surfboards… All of that can be just rolling around your garage. While the weather is nice, take everything out. And we do mean everything. Clean the garage thoroughly, and maybe you can throw away a lot of things you haven’t used for a long time. Furthermore, if you find something that could go to a climate-controlled storage NJ, now is the time to place it there safely.

    car and the garage ready to store your summer sports equipment properly
    Cleaning out your garage is the first step. You will be surprised how many things you don’t even need.

    After you did all the dirty work, make the room for large items. Many summer sports have large equipment that is usually very hard to store anywhere. Canoes, kayaks, bicycles, water skis, etc. If you don’t already have shelves, prepare them in advance. Also, a lot of big screws and good tools.

    Clean the equipment, too

    All the summer dirt can be so hard to remove. This step is an absolute must if you want to use your equipment at its best next year. We asked professional movers NJ located how often do people use summer sports equipment. You’ll be surprised – they said that storing those items is a must. Think about that. Nevertheless, take the time to clean everything, including sports shoes and bags. Not only they will be protected from rust, but they will be ready once you take them back in the use.

    Moreover, most of the sports equipment can’t be tossed into a washing machine. You will clean a bunch of these by simply taking a damp cloth. A small amount of dishwashing detergent will rid all of the dirt. When it comes to leather items, like baseball gloves, use a leather cleaner. A soft cloth can wipe away the dirt. After that, leather moisturizer will protect the item and prevent it from deteriorating. Dry everything in the sunlight to ensure there aren’t any wet parts left.

    One sport – one place

    You will get so nervous when you can’t find what you’re looking for. Take boxes of all sizes. Label them accordingly. The good thing about these is that they can fit into each other and you will have everything stored nicely. Thus, store all the equipment for each sport altogether. Pick a shelf for baseball only, for example. This way you will stay organized because everything will be labeled.

    scissors and pencils for labels
    Labeling everything will ensure a good organization.

    If you want to find things easier, try to keep an inventory. Open one notebook and map where you put what. The masters of the organization must be the guys from Movage Moving & Storage company. They must have storage ready for all of your summer sports equipment. Hire their packing service and get to autumn stress-free.

    Walls must not be empty when you store your summer sports equipment

    We already mentioned shelves. Well, that’s just the beginning. Clear up as much floor space as you can. This is a life-saver. Not only everything will be visible and accessible, but you will also get extra floor space you could unnecessarily cover. Things you can hang:

    • Balls – use some ball claws or wall hangers to avoid kicking balls through the garage. You will always find them and they won’t be on your way.
    • Bicycles – use wall hooks to reduce the pressure off the tires and the frame. Remember to remove all of the water bottles or electronic devices from your bike. Clean it nicely, of course.
    • Rackets – simple large nails could do the trick. Protect your fragile rackets with some cloth and hang them safely.
    • Surfboards – remove all of the wax that could still be on the surfboard. Investing in some good surfboard hangers and a case is an awesome idea. You will prevent all the damages. Remember to prepare these for all items when you store your summer sports equipment.
    • Gym equipment – if you haven’t already invested in a weight rack, you can store your weights on the shelves. They are pretty heavy, so keep in mind that everything is properly secured.
    • Golf clubs – after you cleaned them thoroughly, place them in the bag and hang them on the wall. They will get maximum protection if put upright and covered from dust.
    tennis rackets stacked
    Clean and cover your tennis rackets. Hang them on the wall for maximum storage protection.

    You can get creative. Don’t think this is time-consuming or hard to achieve. Imagine you need to move with all of those things. Of course, there will be no harm if you call a professional moving company like Bergen County movers. They have all the right things to protect and securely transport all of your equipment.

    Don’t have enough place for storage?

    Even though you have a large garage or a big house, you will always need extra space. There isn’t just sports equipment. Seasonal clothes or children’s toys can take up a lot of space. Consider renting a storage unit near your place. Storage NJ has to offer is of good quality and you can even find climate-controlled ones.

    Also, read on surprising items that should be stored in climate-controlled units. Maybe you can find the idea of how and where to store your summer sports equipment. Or any other things you don’t use on a daily basis.