Leaving the Bronx: where should you move?

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    The Bronx is certainly one of the most popular places in New York. But, for whatever reason, leaving the Bronx is a decision that many people make. Each one of New York’s boroughs has something special. Naturally, not every one will be suitable for you. On the other hand, each one has many neighborhoods you can choose from. Before you contact your moving company Bronx NY for the relocation, be sure to think everything through before you make a final decision. You will not probably move again soon if you have moved just recently!

    Where to move when leaving the Bronx?

    • Brooklyn Downtown
    • Jackson Heights
    • Inwood

    Brooklyn Downtown

    If you want to be very close to the center of happening but not too close, then Brooklyn Downtown is for you. The great thing about is that it will not take you too long to go anywhere you need to. You can be in Manhattan in 15-20 minutes. The transit is well developed so you will not have problems with this. Also, there is an increased construction there so you should be able to rent an apartment easily. Just look and pick what suits you best!

    a brooklyn bridge - Leaving the Bronx
    Brooklyn is a great place to relocate to

    Jackson Heights

    One of the best choices for you when moving out of the Bronx is Jackson Heights. It is located in Central Queens. The interesting thing about it is that it is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in New York. Some say that there are over 150 languages spoken there. If you are all into different cultures and international friendships, you should consider Jackson Heights. Even though the distance between the two is around 9,5 miles, you should let experienced long-distance moving companies NYC take care of your move. It will be much easier since they know all the tricks!


    Inwood is a neighborhood in Manhattan but the great thing is that prices are more affordable. The monthly rent is around 2000$ and the median home price around 500,000$. That makes it quite a catch for people that would like to live in Manhattan. The great thing is that it is pretty close to everything you would want to be near you. Definitely consider Inwood as your future home!

    Manhattan is certainly a place you should consider when moving out of the Bronx

    What about outside of NYC?

    Of course, there are pretty great places outside of NYC that you can move to. Your job would be to inform yourself about the place you are interested in and make the calls with reliable interstate moving companies NYC. After that, everything should be much easier.

    Interested in moving abroad?

    Many people move from the US to Europe. The pace of life is usually slower and that is always good if you are that type of person. But, international moves are much harder due to the distance that you have to cover. But, if you have international shipping companies in New York by your side, even this type of move can be handled quite easily. So, be sure to consider these options before you make a final call.


    If you are thinking about leaving the Bronx for another place, you need to stop for a moment and see some of the best options. We are all different so you may not like some options but we wanted to put something for everyone. Choose well and start your life again!