Moving to Saudi Arabia

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    Saudi Arabia a country well-known for its traditions and respect that it shows towards religion amidst a restrictive society. And, if you are preparing to move to this country, then approaching a professional company will surely be an optimal solution. They not only have the required knowledge with regard to the process of documentation required to move successfully, but also the experience to tackle any situation with ease. And, be assured that for this purpose, you can clearly not find a better team than that of Movage International. Our professionals make sure that your relocation remains smooth and free of hassles!

    There are various documents that will be essential for the shipment of various goods you want to take along. And, in the absence of these, you might have to face inconvenience or consequence of offending the country’s law. Therefore, to avoid all these we have listed below the documents as well as items that you can import. You should have a look at the list! These will be required if you wish to settle down or rather relocate to Saudi Arabia:-

    Documents required for Household Goods

    •  Copy of your original passport along with the visa page for entry
    • Original document of either the air waybill or the bill of lading
    • Packaging list
    • Proof of purchase for electronic or electrical appliances.
    • Certificate of Insurance (Only if applicable)
    • Detailed inventory valuation.

    However, here it must be noted that all the shipments entering this country will have to undergo a rigorous inspection. And, at the time of customs clearance of goods, it is mandatory for the owner to be physically present.

    Motor Vehicles

    • Certificate of car registration
    • Police clearance for the vehicle from the origin country
    • Any proof to claim ownership (purchase invoice)
    • OBL

    As per the present regulatory framework, only cars with a left-hand drive which should not be any old than five years is allowed to be imported.


    Unfortunately, the present legal framework does not permit for importing pets from other nations.

    Restricted/Dutiable Items

    • Electronic appliances, audio/video tapes (5% duty applied)
    • Furniture (15% duty applicable)
    • Used clothing and books (exemption of reasonable quantity is possible)

    Here, we would like to inform you that there are a few items like books, magazines, records, mobile phones, exposed film, etc. which are subject to confiscation, censorship and even result in penalties to be suffered by the owner.

    Items That Are Prohibited:-

    • Animal skins (in commercial quantity)
    • Firearms and weapons including ammunition, guns, fireworks, etc. (the owner will have to face investigation if any such item is imported which can result in penalty/prison)
    • Alcoholic beverages or any eatable which contains alcohol (in any form)
    • Narcotics and unknown medicines
    • Pornographic materials
    • Military uniforms/ Equipment
    • Religious books excluding Islam
    • Eatables that contain pork

    These are a few important lists that you need to abide if you wish to settle down in Saudi Arabia without facing any inconvenience.

    NOTE:  Customs regulations can change at any time with or without notice. This document is provided as a guide and for information only. While Movage has exercised reasonable care in publishing this document, Movage makes no representation, either expressed or implied, as to its accuracy or applicability.