Moving to South Africa

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    An international move is always a daunting challenge. After all, it’s a big responsibility that needs to be fulfilled accurately. Sure, you are not going to do it alone. You need assistance, not just assistance actually, but a professional assistance. Be it you, your family or your entire corporation, having a professional company on your side makes your move a success. As an Movage International company, we comprehend that any move can be stressful, especially when in South Africa. We have professionals to help you pack and move all your belongings safely.

    Below Are Some Essentials For The International Move To South Africa

    Documents required for the shipment of used household goods as well as personal effects –

    • Original copy of passport with entry stamp
    • Original copy of air waybill
    • Permanent residential proof
    • One inventory detail
    • Embassy certificate (must be signed by South African Department of Foreign Affairs)

    Note: The owner of the goods must possess the mentioned documents and forward a copy of them to the agent prior to import.

    Documents required for the shipment of Motor Vehicles –

    • For automobiles or motorcycles, customs form DA 304/A is needed
    • Vehicle registration with OBL (Original bill of lading)
    • Original insurance certificate and purchase invoice to ensure that the vehicle has been in possession of the owner
    • 3 copies of valuation certificate
    • LOA (Letter of Authority) must be submitted at the time of clearance and has to be issued by the SABS

    Note: The owner must be in the possession of the import permit as well as letter of authority before the arrival of any motor vehicle.

    Some Items Restricted By South Africa

    1. Gold coins and stamp collections
    2. Wildlife endangered species
    3. Prescription is needed for the medicines of personal use
    4. Tobacco
    5. Wine/Liquor/Alcohol
    6. Perfume
    7. Dangerous firearms

    Note: A valid legal proof is required to carry any of the above mentioned items.

    Some Prohibited Items

    Illegal drugs, narcotics, pornographic magazines and animal products


    Note: Customs regulations can change at any time with or without notice. This document is provided as a guide and for information only. While Movage has exercised reasonable care in publishing this document, Movage makes no representation, either expressed or implied, as to its accuracy or applicability.