Moving to Israel

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    Like any international movie, relocation to Israel needs a considerable measure of planning. Undoubtedly, a move to another place can turn out to be an overwhelming experience. Thus, it is constantly valuable to have a little information about your destination. However, expats should discover helpful and reliable movers to accommodate their properties.

    Israel is, no doubt, an important destination throughout the world and individuals relocate here from other parts of the world very frequently. Being an international moving company, Movage International offer services to move both domestic as well as commercial goods to and from Israel. It makes no difference which part of the world you are in, we claim to serve you with the best.

    Below Are Some Essentials For The International Move To Israel

    Documents Required for the shipment of used household goods as well as personal effects –

    • A valid passport including photo page and entry stamp.
    • Proof of the residence in Israel.
    • Invoices of the items being shipped.
    • A custom bond, in case no bank guarantee is provided.
    • Letter of appointment.

    Note: New immigrants has to surrender their original passport along with a copy of their new immigration booklet to Israeli Customs amid the clearance process.

    Documents Required for the shipment of Motor Vehicles –

    • Insurance documents
    • As owner of the goods’, a proof of registration
    • Israeli Ministry of Transportation permit
    • Proof of the value of vehicle
    • Purchase invoice

    Note: The owner has to take the permit from Israeli Ministry of Transportation before loading vehicle for the shipping.

    Some Items Restricted By Israel

    Cigarettes, tobaccos, gifts, alcohol, appliances, communication equipment, curtains, drapes and the devices which are fueled by the natural gases like methane, propane, etc.

    Some Prohibited Items

    Explosives, drugs, food, biological commodity, wine, electric scooter, weapons, ammunitions and dangerous chemicals.


    Note: Customs regulations can change at any time with or without notice. This document is provided as a guide and for information only. While Movage has exercised reasonable care in publishing this document, Movage makes no representation, either expressed or implied, as to its accuracy or applicability.