Moving your office long distance – how to do it?

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    Moving your office can be a daunting yet exhilarating process, but even more so when you are moving your office long distance, but Movage Moving + Storage is here to provide a helping hand. Today’s economy is such that a lot of people are moving constantly, from customers and markets to businesses. We are all always searching for the next best thing, and moving your office long distance, to a bigger city or a more lucrative environment is key to the future growth of your company!

    moving your office
    Moving your office long distance will be so much easier with our tips and tricks.

    We’ve compiled an easy-to-follow list of things to do for moving long-distance so be sure to read to the end to find out all about moving your company long distance.

    1. Plan the move well in advance

    We can all agree that moving offices long distance is not an easy feat. The best way to optimize your move and to be sure you won’t forget something is to plan it entirely, ahead of time. Be sure to look for good long-distance movers companies. If you’re relocating from or to New Jersey, be sure to check out long-distance movers NJ and have a reputable moving company booked for your move. Also, beware that these types of moves can take up to a year to be completed.

    Checklists are your friends during this time! To prove this point, we’re offering  a short checklist of things you must prepare and be aware of:

    • An approximate estimate of how long the move will take
    • Number of vehicles you will need for the move
    • Number of employees willing to help
    • An approximate estimate of funds this move will need

    And many, many more. Does the place you are moving to offer employee parking? Are the spaces similarly sized as your current office? Be sure to pay attention to all the details you might discard as not important. Moving your whole business is a long and complicated process, and sometimes the devil is in the details.

    Another tip we offer is to be mindful of announcing the move in advance to all employees, but also all the customers as well! Moving your office long distance can be a hindrance for certain employees. It’s always best to be informed beforehand of any potential changes your company might be facing.

    2. Create a coordination group

    Most of the heavy lifting during your relocation will be handled by the commercial movers you’ve decided to hire. Commercial movers NYC are there to help and, most important of all, specifically trained for office moves. Feel free to look over customer reviews during the choosing process and chose the movers most suited for you. But don’t overlook the smaller details of the move.

    Once you’ve prepared and decided on the moving plan, it’s time to form a coordination group in your office. Every person should be in charge of their own belongings during your office moving long-distance, but certain departments in your office should compile a list of all their necessities, like equipment and documents. This way you will have all your company’s belongings listed and divided for the move.

    Coordinators working
    Allow your employees to help move your office long distance as coordinators

    In this way, moving your office long distance will be significantly easier and everyone will be part of the move, raising team morale!

    3. Prepare your office for moving long-distance

    Here is where the coordination crew gets to shine. All the departments in your office need to pack their equipment for the move, and it is wise to instruct them to label the boxes appropriately so that the unpacking process at the new office can be as easy as possible.

    Your office needs to be prepared for a few days off while the long-distance moving company is doing their thing. Long-distance moving companies NYC offer an incredible amount of highly skilled movers to assist you in any way needed. Our company prides itself in honestly caring for our customers and truly putting in the work to provide the best and easiest moving experience we can.

    Every department has its share of work and packing that needs to be taken care of. The coordination crew needs to be alert and write down what is packed, where it is packed, how urgent it is at the new office, etc. It’s very important to know exactly where what is because you never know when you will need something urgently.

    This is also the perfect moment for decluttering and getting rid of outdated documents and things that are no longer of use. It’ll be a mitigating circumstance if your office is able to cut down on things in need of transport. You will perhaps need fewer vehicles. At the same time, you will be carrying no junk with you to your new location, allowing for a brand new start.

    4. Prepare emergency storage options

    If you’ve paid close attention to tip number 1, we are sure you won’t be in need of any additional storage options. But it is better to be safe than sorry. It might be wise to secure storage space, just in case that your new office is a bit short on space, or if there are any other problems that arise.

    Storage units
    A little storage goes a long way!

    The easiest way to find good storage is to simply consult your commercial movers, as they often provide temporary storage options for certain office equipment.

    Storage is something people might often overlook and it is crucial, especially in long-distance moves.

    5. Know yourself and your employees

    It all comes down to you and your decision. It is important that you know your company and your employees inside out for the most successful results in moving. As well as in the future of your company. We are sure that by following our tips and your own common sense and gut feeling, you will achieve great things by moving your office long distance.

    Good luck, and be sure to have fun!