Overseas relocation with pets: tips&tricks

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    Are you considering overseas relocation with pets? This is a bold move we must say, but it is not impossible. It can actually be feasible if you decide to hire some of the international shipping companies NJ has on its list. A professional overseas moving company will be able to give you directions and guidelines for the move with pets. With their experience, you will feel comfortable about the idea of relocation abroad with your pet.

    Prepare yourself and your pets for the move

    Moving overseas is not easy, so preparing your belongings for an international move will be a challenge even without a pet. With overseas relocation with pets, there are not too many options for transportation. First of all, it is important to know if you will be traveling by sea or flying on a plane. If the latter, you need to check the airline’s policy about transporting pets. Usually, small pets such as cats, small dogs or hamsters are allowed with you, in the carrier. Unfortunately larger dogs would need to go into the baggage area, which can be stressful for them.

    Plane as means of transport for overseas relocation with pets
    If you have a small pet it will most probably be allowed with you on the plane

    Other preparation includes a visit to a vet. Get all the necessary checks and vaccines, and also some medication as a form of first aid. Thoroughly check what are the laws of the pets in the country you are moving to. Find out what are the necessary documents you need to take with you. Another phase of the overseas move with pets is introducing a carrier if they are not already familiar with it. Put water, food and their toys in the carrier, for easier adaptation. Also, a lot of boxes and things around the house can confuse them or provoke panic. Throw some boxes around the house so pets can get used to them being there.

    On the moving they before the overseas move with pets

    If your pets are prone to stress and anxiety, it would be good to arrange someone to take care of them on the day of the move. You can also isolate your pet in one room, that you will empty last. But with all the Movage Moving + Storage movers at your house, it can get hectic, so opt for the least painful option. If you leave them loitering around the house, they might get away and you surely do not want that scenario happening. Also, make sure you are keeping their daily routine uninterrupted.

    Man sitting on the floor with a cat
    Ask your friends to babysit your pet on the day of the move

    Arriving at your new home

    The hardest part of the overseas move with pets is behind you. Now both you and your furry friend are to adapt to a new environment. As soon as you get to your new home, search for a local vet, with good reviews. You never know when you will need it. Try and keep the feeding and walking routine the same as it was in your previous home, so your pet can adapt quickly. Cats can be more territorial, so if you see them behaving strangely for a long period of time, call the vet. If you have previously packed the essentials box for your pet, it is time to unpack it. A new home means a huge change for all of you, but with all the above tips, we hope you will get through it rather quickly and without any consequences.