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    It is time to move again but this time you are in the middle of the peak season. What makes it different are the prices and mover’s availability. You still have to pack and search for local movers NYC. But you must know the rules of a peak season before you hire anyone. Therefore, today we will cover this topic and provide peak season moving advice. Let’s go!

    Peak season moving advice number one is to prepare an adequate moving budget

    The first thing you should know that the peak season is between April and September. Basically, the whole summer is hectic for moving companies. So, the first thing you should do as soon as you realize you are moving is to search for a moving company. Then, check which company has the desirable moving date free. Finally, prepare an adequate moving budget. This is the best peak season moving advice we can give. Call your movers as soon as possible and schedule everything.

    As soon as you have your moving date scheduled, check the moving service NYC you have available and choose which ones you need. Apply your moving budget to the whole story and you are good to go.

    Searching for movers

    As we said, the best moving and international shipping companies in New York are fully booked over the peak season. This means you must act quickly. If you have a last-minute call, then you might have a problem and lower your expectations a bit. But if you have a month or more on your hands, then you’ll be fine. Call your movers a month in advance and choose the date that suits you the most. But before you do that, you must search for moving companies online.

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    Moving budget is important. Calculate yours and leave some room for unexpected costs.

    You probably already inspected your home and created a moving checklist. If you haven’t, check all your room, garage, attic, basement, and backyard. List down all your belongings and furniture and you’ll know how hard your move is. Also, you’ll know how many materials you need to pack it all and from there you can start calculating a moving budget. Creating a moving checklist is one of the most valuable peak season moving advice we can provide.

    Double-check your moving provider

    Now, as you know, movers charge by the hour. And because they are tightly booked, some services are inflated and some cheaper. And peak season is 30% more expensive overall. But one thing is certain, like in any other business you can easily stumble upon a sketchy moving company. Therefore, you must inspect your movers to be sure your investment is safe. Just do the following when you call your movers:

    • Check if they are licensed to work
    • They should have all the moving equipment
    • A sizeable moving vehicle
    • Moving insurance
    • Enough experience to undertake this task

    Now, those are only the basics and you can always check FMCSA, USMA, or Better Business Bureau and confirm your movers are registered online with all the contact info and physical address nicely displayed to the public.

    Find movers on time is the best peak season moving advice we can give
    Start searching for movers on time if you want a specific moving date.

    Performing onsite estimates is our most valuable peak season moving advice we can give

    Onsite estimates are extremely important simply because movers can obtain more info and have a better insight of the complexity of the move. Almost all serious moving companies offer this service for free. Therefore, send a request and schedule a visit. Your movers will evaluate the situation and make sure it is safe to establish a loading dock in the area. They will measure hallways, check doors, doorknobs, windows, etc. And they will weigh your cargo as well. After performing all those tasks your movers will assemble the best moving plan for you and your family. Then you can continue crunching your numbers and match your moving budget with the moving services you purchased.

    Pack and then pack some more!

    And again, because movers are booked tight, each hour is precious. This means you must pack correctly, safely, and be ready when movers arrive. So, firstly you must obtain at least 30 moving boxes in Manhattan. Depending on the size of your move, maybe you’ll need a bit less but better to have more than to run out of it in the middle of the move. Then you’ll need packing tape and blister packs which can be replaced with blankets or any clothing you desire. Finally, you should obtain enough labels to put a detailed description on each moving box. This part is extremely important because it will help both sides. And you’ll have an extremely easy unpacking because you know where all your stuff is.

    A girl sitting on the ground
    If you obtain all the necessary packing supplies you might even enjoy it.

    Final advice before we hit the road

    The final advice we can give is not to forget all the legalities involved. You must think about your personal documents as well as the moving documents. Hence, preferably, a month before the move start working on your personal ID, passport, medical records, credit cards, etc. Also, read your moving contract at least two times before signing it and again one night before the move. On the other note, you must contact your cellphone and internet providers and adequately transfer your services to the new address. Update all your friends and relevant parties with the new contact info and reroute your email as soon as you can. It is a one-step process. Simply visit the nearest post office and set up your PO box.

    And you should do it all in due time because some services take a long time to be transferred. Especially the hard copies from the doctor and your college. Therefore, start working on this one and remember to do the same for each member of the family.

    Hopefully, we provided enough info for you to handle your peak season relocation. And remember, you can always seek peak season moving advice from your friends, family, coworkers, or anyone else who already moved in a peak season. Good luck and stay safe.