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    When it comes to moving specialty items, there aren’t as many of them that are as challenging to move as the piano is. Due to the sheer weight and the size of pianos, their relocations are an extremely complex process. At Movage Moving + Storage, we specialize in many things related to relocations. Miscellaneous moving services, such as piano moving, included. Our team of piano movers NYC prides itself in is composed of skilled and knowledgeable piano-moving experts. All of our teams are more than capable of handling any and every piano relocation with ease. Once you give us a call and choose our piano moving services, you will no longer have to worry about the safety of your piano. We will make it our mission to relocate it safely.

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    Movage Moving + Storage has some of the best piano movers NYC has to offer!

    Your piano is in safe hands with Movage Moving + Storage NYC piano movers

    We understand that a piano can be very valuable both emotionally and financially. That’s why damages of any kind during relocation can be devastating. Luckily, damages are something you won’t have to worry about with expert piano movers NJ and NYC branches of our company offer. We are a company with a track record that any piano movers would be proud of. That is due to our deep dedication to making sure every single piano in our possession reaches its destination in mint condition!

    Our professionals care about your fragile and bulky instrument

    The first thing you should know about us is that we will take care of all of your items as if they were our own. We will make sure to provide a strong yet tender hand and absolute precision while handling and transporting your piano. By doing so, we will ensure no scratches and dents happen during the process of relocation. Our careful approach will also protect both the walls and floors of your old residence as well as your new one.

    The main goal of our company is to ensure your piano reaches its destination intact! On top of that, we will make sure that all your other belongings receive as well of care as your piano will. All of your items will be transported from point A to point B without suffering any bumps and bruises. With Movage Moving + Storage maximum safety and care are guaranteed.

    Door to door delivery with our piano movers NYC

    Moving a piano is no easy task. So, it’s only natural that you wouldn’t want any part in it. Luckily, with our door-to-door prime delivery assistance, you won’t have to lift a finger when it comes to piano relocation. If you hire us, we will do all the heavy lifting for you. We will pick your piano at your old address, load it and transport it with maximum care, and unload it at your new address quickly and without damages. From the moment we leave your residence until the moment we arrive at your new address, your piano is our responsibility. Worry not, your piano is in safe hands and is coming your way in the same condition you entrusted it to us!

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    Your piano will be delivered straight to your new home!

    We are one of the prime choices for piano moving in New York City

    If you wish to have your piano moved by some of the most efficient and reliable NYC piano movers, you should make sure to contact Movage Moving + Storage. We are skilled at what we do, and we will be able to relocate your home, your business, and most other things you need us to, not just your piano. Still, even if you need only your piano moved, our expert team of piano movers will do it for you in no time.

    Outsource the move to a reliable piano moving team

    Leaving your piano relocation to a capable, experienced, and reliable moving team is the best way to ensure a smooth relocation. Moving a piano by yourself is doable, but unfortunately, often leads to difficulties and damages. With piano moving professionals, however, you won’t have to think twice about whether piano relocation will be safe and easy. Outsource piano relocation to Movage Moving + Storage, the company New Yorkers trust, and have a pleasant and stress-free move!

    Feel safe with our compensation policy

    We believe that it’s very important for our customers to feel safe when moving with us. That includes being ensured of their items’ well-being and integrity. We are a company that stands behind our employees and we truly believe in their skills. However, we do acknowledge that mistakes, even though rare, unfortunately, happen. Because of that, we put in place a compensation policy in order to make sure our customers feel taken care of even in the worst-case scenarios. Rest assured, though, that our NYC piano moving team takes serious precautions to make sure no compensations are ever necessary.

    Being so attentive and dedicated, we believe makes us a great choice for piano moving. With us, a positive piano moving experience is a guarantee.

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    Our team of piano movers is proficient in moving all sorts of pianos!

    Movage Moving + Storage – a company with high competence in moving any type of a piano

    Relocations of different sorts of pianos require different tools and strategies. While some lighter pianos can be carried by movers, the other, heavier pianos, require specialized equipment. However, any piano represents a challenge to an inexperienced person. Movage Moving + Storage piano movers are experts that know exactly how to move any piano. That means that the weight and size of your piano aren’t important when moving with us. During our years of professional piano moving we’ve moved:

    • Baby grand pianos
    • Grand pianos
    • Electric pianos
    • Upright pianos
    • Spinet pianos

    That being the case means that our New York piano movers are skilled at lifting, loading, unloading, and moving pianos of all shapes and sizes.

    Specialized moving equipment for the safest handling of your instrument

    As mentioned before, piano moving requires specialized equipment in many cases. We make sure that all our piano moving equipment is well-serviced and up to date. That means that we always make sure to follow the newest and latest trends within the industry. What more, we also make sure that all our vehicles are serviced and well-equipped with all of the tools and gadgets needed for a safe piano relocation.

    On top of that, we also make sure that all our employees know exactly how to operate the tools and the vehicles. We manage that by training our employees extensively and always pairing movers looking to improve their tool-handling abilities with already experienced movers. That means that no matter what your piano will be in safe hands no matter what its relocation requires.

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    We are the best choice you can make when it comes to NYC piano movers

    Quick and reliable services with Movage Moving + Storage

    Juggling moving tasks can be quite overwhelming. That being the case makes outsourcing multiple moving tasks to one company can significantly help with easy planning. That’s why we decided to develop a variety of services our customers could enjoy with us. We want our customers to see us as a sturdy and reliable foundation for a complete and easy move.

    Because of that, we offer a wide range of many basic and supplemental services our customers might need:

    At Movage Moving + Storage, we offer answers to many moving-related needs and solutions to many moving-related problems. Get in touch now and choose the services you need for a straightforward and positive moving experience.

    Quality services at competitive prices

    We understand that piano moving, as well as moving in general, can be rather expensive. For that reason, we priced our services in a way that’s attainable for an average New Yorker. New York City in itself is not a cheap place, but we strongly believe in breaking molds. That’s why all our prices are competitive and affordable.

    To find out the price of our piano moving services, as well as to inquire about the extent of our offer, give us a call and our customer support will be more than happy to help you out. You can also reach us through our website or request a free moving estimate immediately. Whichever option you choose, rest assured that we will take care of you and your moving needs!

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    With Movage Moving + Storage piano moving is not only safe but also affordable!

    Pick up your phone and choose safe relocation with piano movers NYC prides itself in

    With our team of piano movers, NYC residents deem quality, you won’t have to waste a moment worrying about any harm coming to your piano. If you decide to move with us, our team members will be at your disposal, ready to respond to all your questions, worries, and dilemmas. Our main goal is to relieve moving stress and worry so that our customers can move stress-free. Get in touch with us today by dialing 212.461.1766 or contact us through our website and we will ensure some of the best piano movers on the market are by your side during your piano relocation.