Pros and cons of moving in December

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    Moving in December has its advantages and disadvantages. Obviously, weather conditions are unpredictable, driving conditions are difficult, and moving injuries are common. On the other hand, if you decide to move around holidays you will have time off and won’t miss work. Also, moving costs depend on the moving date and it is cheaper to move off-season. There are both pros and cons of moving in December, but what is most important is to organize your relocation properly and research moving companies NYC. We have some tips that will ensure a safe and successful move.

    A van driving down a street
    Movers you hire should be well-trained professionals with experience in winter moves. Driving conditions, jams, and cold weather make a winter move even more difficult

    Weather conditions may pose a danger

    Organizing a move during winter can be very challenging. Cold temperatures and dangerous driving conditions are the main reasons why winter is the least popular season for moving. Also, moving injuries are very common due to icy roads and sidewalks. Make sure that the path from your home to the moving truck is safe and clear of ice. Shovel the snow, salt the sidewalks and driveway. One wrong step can lead you to the emergency room so be extra careful. When it comes to the pros and cons of moving in December, you have to take into consideration common injuries such as broken toes and fingers, knee injuries, back injuries, sprained ankles, etc.

    Pros and cons of moving in December – possible damage to your belongings

    Moving in December is not only dangerous for you due to possible moving day injuries, but for your things as well. Most of your possessions will require additional protection, due to low temperatures and humidity. Items that are particularly sensitive to water and cold weather are electronics, musical instruments, glassware, plants, and some furniture.

    Plastic and wood furniture will need special attention during packing. Bear in mind that moving in December increases the chance of breakage, cracking, or chipping. So, apply an extra layer of wax to your wood furniture and use furniture blankets to slow down the changes in temperature. Also, use towels to wrap breakable items, such as dishes and glass. Use quality moving supplies NYC, apply extra layers of bubble wrap, and use plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes. It is advisable to label your containers or boxes after you pack them. Write essential information on the side – content, destination room, handling instructions. This will speed up the unpacking process.

    Moving companies are more flexible during winter since there are not many people who want to move in December

    Flexible moving dates

    As we have already mentioned, winter is the least popular time for moving. This means that you will be able to choose a moving date which suits you best. This is a huge benefit, considering the fact that movers usually give a window of possible dates instead of a one, specific day for the delivery of your things. That means that you have to be available to accept the delivery anytime within this time frame. However, moving off-season enables you to pinpoint the exact date. Contact your local movers Bronx, request a free moving estimate, and schedule a moving date.

    Pros and cons of moving in December – moving rates

    Fewer people move during winter and there is less competition when it comes to home buyers. Also, moving companies aren’t as busy as during the summer and moving rates are usually lower. If we are talking about the pros and cons of moving in December, the fact that you can save some money is certainly a huge advantage. However, keep in mind that there are fraudulent moving companies that offer lower moving rates to attract customers. That is why it is crucial to do thorough research before hiring a particular moving company.

    How to find reliable movers?

    If you are relocating to New Jersey during winter, the most important step is finding the best movers NYC to NJ. Hire movers that have a license and offer insurance, to avoid any possible moving scams. Your movers should be experienced and well-trained in order to handle winter relocation. Also, they need the proper equipment to facilitate and accelerate the moving process. It is less likely that movers who have experience with winter moves make a mistake or damage your things.

    A mover packing things
    Full-service movers will provide quality moving supplies, disassemble furniture, protect, pack, and unpack your belongings

    Finding reliable and experienced movers takes some time and effort. You have to do your homework and research local movers. Visit specialized moving websites and check companies’ reviews and ratings. Read previously submitted comments and complaints. This will give you a pretty good idea about the quality of service that a particular company provides. Also, if you know someone who has moved recently, ask them for a recommendation. A recommendation from your friends, family, or colleagues can save you a lot of time and there is nothing better than personal experience.

    As you can see, there are both pros and cons of moving in December. Winter moving can be cheaper, as this is not a popular moving season. Also, it is more flexible, as movers are available, and people have off-days due to the holiday season. On the other hand, winter moves can be dangerous due to weather conditions. It is particularly important to hire experienced and reliable movers when moving during winter. In addition, your things could get damaged if they are not properly packed. Full-service movers can also provide packing and unpacking services, which would make the relocation process less tiring and stressful. Plan your moving tasks carefully to avoid unpredicted problems. Make a list of all activities and create a timetable. Stick to your schedule to stay organized because it is very important to know exactly what you should be doing before, during, and after the move.