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    It’s no secret that social media has become a necessity in the lives of those living in the 21st century. Especially with millennials. Like a drug, millennials feel the need to be attached to their phones and the internet at all times. Some even sleep with their phone under their pillows.

    It’s this fear of missing out (FOMO) that makes social media the monster it is today. We feel the need to tweet, post, and Snap everything we see, think, and feel.


    Now, you can even use the sites we are so attached to, such as Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter to learn a little more about the neighborhood you are looking at. 


    1. Facebook offers a feature, called “City Guides,” which is meant for those travel-bugs, planning to visit a city. However, people looking to move can also use it as a tool to visit shops that are most likely visited by locals. Simply choose your location, then search by categories like restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores, etc. There is even a section specifically for places that natives go entitled “Places The Locals Go.”


    1. Instagram can be used as a visual guide to your prospective city. If you know how to tag your location, then you know how to do this. Simply search for the city, and look at the recent snapshots taken at some of the locations in that area. The “Places” tab collects all snapshots from people who visited that area and geo-tagged it.


    1. When it comes to real estate, Twitter offers a slew of research tools right at your fingertips. Let’s say you’re looking into a community, you type in the name and number or local experts pop up that you can follow. Take that same community, and you can look at photos from the recent past as well as news stories in the “Photos and News Tab.” You can also search for tweets that originated in the neighborhood you’re interested in.