Special requests when moving; what is acceptable to ask for and what is too much?

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    There are many kinds of moves. There is a long-distance relocation, local relocation, relocations where you have to move special items, etc. Every move is different and you need to address them properly. One of the problems that many movers have is that people lack information about the things that they can move. Some people will have some special requests but not all of them can be granted. You need to understand what is acceptable to ask for and what is too much before you even start making arrangements. There are a lot of moving companies NJ but some things are the same for all of them. See what you should not expect from your movers when moving!

    What is acceptable to ask for and what is too much when hiring movers?

    • Regular packing
    • Hazardous and corrosive items
    • Valuables and personal items
    flame - what is acceptable to ask for and what is too much
    Flammable and hazardous items will not be moved!

    Regular packing

    Most people think of packing as something boring. And it usually is. That is why some people want to avoid this and have someone else handle this task. The good thing is that you can count on this when hiring full-service movers NYC. You can expect them to pack all your belongings while you can sit and watch coffee. Of course, you will have other responsibilities but you get the point. You can relax and work on other things while your movers take care of your belongings.

    Hazardous and corrosive items

    It may sound confusing but you should not request your movers to pack everything that you would want to. Something is just too much and the problem can occur when you do not know what most movers will avoid packing and moving. You may think that you can negotiate with your movers about these things but you can’t. What are those things that you do not request them to pack and move?

    • flammable items
    • corrosive items
    • hazardous items
    • gasoline
    • paints etc.
    Valuable items and money should be moved by you!

    Valuables and personal items

    No matter how high-quality movers you have by your side, some things will most likely not be acceptable to ask to relocate. One of those things is valuables and cash. This is something that no mover will want to get near to because there is a high chance that they could get blamed for it. You will have to prepare your own valuables and move them with you. Also, heirlooms are something that most movers will avoid moving with themselves.

    It is very important to be informed when moving. There could be some restrictions that you should be aware of. Now that you know what is acceptable to ask for and what is too much, you should be one step closer to a successful relocation. On the other hand, if you come across a moving company that is easily willing to help you with all of these things, you should be on the watch. It is one of many warning signs that you are dealing with a fake mover because most movers work pretty much the same way. Be careful when moving, inform yourself, pick a reliable moving company and your move should be piece of cake!