The best way to say goodbye to your neighbors

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    When they say moving is hard people usually don’t think about emotions. But that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about. As you leave a place you lived for maybe years, you’ll need to say goodbye to the people around you. Of course, we’re thinking about your good neighbors. When our full service movers NJ complete a move, the thing people talk about most is their neighbors. For that reason, we’ve made a list of the best way to say goodbye to your neighbors. Here are just some fun things we had in mind.

    The best way to say goodbye to your neighbors – Organize a party

    What could be a better way to say goodbye to a large group of people? Well of course! Having a party! Get your friends around and get them to a local bar for drinks. Or even better enjoy your home one last time and create a small house or yard party. Obviously, this is going to be depending very much on the weather and the time of year.  But whatever you choose don’t forget to create amazing memories with your neighbors.

    Neighbors and friends taosting at a goodbye party
    Having a farewell party to say goodbye to your neighbors is a great idea

    Packing party

    If on the other hand, you’re more of a person that is having fun while doing things and working, maybe this one is for you. Obviously, if you’ve miscalculated your moving schedule this can be a big help for you. But be warned you’re going to need neighbors that really like you. All the joking aside packing might not be the best way to say goodbye to neighbors but it can still be a fun experience. And on the other hand, it can be not just useful but also entertaining if you make it. Get the boxes ready and have some nice stories about some of the items you’ll be packing.

    The best way to say goodbye to your neighbors – Making dinner

    Before you start filling up moving boxes and putting wrapping paper around stuff try and host a diner. This can be easily the best way to show your cooking skills off to your neighbors and also be a great way to say goodbye. By creating a nice atmosphere you can make your neighbors feel like they are part of your family and they will genuinely respect you for that. Also sitting down at a table in your own house will make both you and your neighbors gell easier. So don’t be surprised if you start telling each other some great stories.

    Fun events

    Whatever you or your neighbor s like to do in their spare time you can always organize some fun events that can be entertaining for everyone. Wherever you live there are surely some entertainment centers that have spaces for you. When people are moving, at least according to our movers NYC to NJ, they usually invite them to the movies or a sports game. But if you are more of a competitor you can always challenge your neighbor to the last game of mini-golf or bowling to find out who’s best.

    Bowling alley
    Challenging your neighbor to a fun game can be a great way to say goodbye

    The best way to say goodbye to your neighbors – Taking them to the restaurant

    If you are not a great cook, or just like to eat out we got the solution. Call up your neighbors and take them to the restaurant. This can be a great way for you to make everyone feel special and create a great memory. Also, it helps you with taking your mind off cooking and doing dishes and everything it comes with cooking in general. It might not give them that feeling of seeing your home for the last time, but it can still be a fun experience and you should definitely enjoy it.

    Children’s party

    If you have a family with kids and know that your neighbors have the same then why not organize a kids’ party? Your kids are usually the ones that suffer the most when you’re moving so don’t forget to give them attention. That’s why this party, especially if it’s a long-distance move, should be a sign to your child that it will and can stay in touch with their friends. Depending on where you move obviously you should let them know that they will still be able to see their friends from time to time.

    Girls blowing up water balloons
    Make a party just for your kids so they can feel better about the move

    The best way to say goodbye to your neighbors – Gifting them

    A good way to say goodbye is also by gifting. Try and make the gift as personal as you can. That way you’ll show real care and thought. But what could that gift look like? Well, maybe you’ve made a lot of photos with them so a photo album can be a good choice. If your neighbor is a flower lover maybe you can pluck some flowers out of your garden and gift it to them. On the other hand, maybe when you watched games and your neighbor was starring at your old fridge just for beer. Maybe gifting it to them will be a nice way to make someone happy but also declutter before the move.

    The best way to say goodbye to your neighbors – Planning to stay in touch

    Above all a great way to say goodbye is to agree to say hello soon. If you have a great neighbor it should be easy to agree to stay in touch. With today’s options, it’s really easy to stay connected if people want to. Exchange e-mails, social platforms, and phone numbers if you didn’t already and stay updated on each other. If you want to plan it, even more, making a deal to visit from time to time or going to for a fun weekend is also a great option.

    Going a few blocks down or moving outside of the state rules are the same. You need to respect your neighbors and organize some kind of event. We’ve shown you the best ways to say goodbye to your neighbors. But you can always create something just for you. From being a good samaritan and being charitable and donating your food after you had dinner to going to a game of your favorite sports team, the best way is always the one that suits both you and your neighbors. We wish you good luck with the move and have fun saying goodbye to your neighbors!