The first things to do in NYC once you move there

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    New York City is one of the best cities in the world to live in. So you got lucky enough to actually move there? Amazing! For that reason, you absolutely need to hear our suggestions on the first things to do in NYC once you move there. Obviously, following the best movers NYC have unpacked your stuff. After all the Big Apple is a huge attraction for people in the US, but also from all around the world. Here are just some of our suggestions for must-visit places in NYC.

    The first things to do in NYC once you move there – Central Park

    Central Park is one of the most iconic parks in NYC. For anyone that might think it’s a small stroll, you’re greatly mistaken. It’s huge in width so you should have at least a week of exploring available to fully get to know it. After your residential move, you’ll have plenty of choices available in Central Park. From the Central Park Zoo for the animal lovers to the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain for everyone that likes to feel surrounded by nature in the middle of the city, Central Park has a lot to offer.

    View of Central Park
    Central Park is huge and will have entertainment available for you for days

    Visit a Broadway show

    The Broadway theater is an iconic institution. Musicals and plays might not be everyone’s choice of entertainment, but Broadway musicals are. You can always find something in the program that can appeal to every type of person. From musicals that are based on cartoons and stories to your childhood to comedic pieces of art, everything is there. Obviously, you won’t be the only person visiting Broadway so be ready to pay some cash. There are also ways to find discounts and even lotteries where you can win Broadway tickets so give it a try.

    Check out the view of the city

    There are many ways for you to get the perfect view of NYC. Some of them are more iconic than others, but every single one of them gives you a majestic panorama of  NYC.  You’ll probably encounter the most amount of people by going on top of the Empire State Building. But if you want to have the Empire State Building in the frame of your picture then you should go to the Rockefeller Center. If you’re a person that doesn’t like big crowds you can visit Roosevelt Island that has a beautiful view of the city, and its history keeps many tourists away.

    The first things to do in NYC once you move there – Eat out like a new yorker

    If you are in New York eat like a new yorker! There are many delicious options for you but we’ll just name a few. The first you’ll bump into will be hot-dogs from the hot-dog stands that are all over the city. More of a pizza lover? No problem. NYC is full of places where you can eat some quality pizzas. Just don’t forget to fold the pizza and eat it while standing. Like a real new yorker. Also, there are some iconic food places like Katz’s Delicatessen that you absolutely need to visit to feel the full taste of NYC.

    Man eating a hot dog while walking with his girlfriend
    You didn’t move to NYC if you didn’t have a hot-dog from the street vendors

    Visit Coney Island

    The beachside part of NYC. It’s a complete must to visit when summer arrives. It’s not only famous for the concerts that take place there but also for Luna Park too. You can’t call yourself a real New Yorker if you didn’t ride at least one of the rides. If that’s not your thing, order a margarita, take a hot-dog, lay back and enjoy the weather and the scenery around you. You won’t regret visiting Coney Island.

    The first things to do in NYC once you move there – Statue of Liberty

    The world-famous Statue of Liberty stands in NYC and is a monument to what means to be American. Well, if it’s your first time in NYC you can take the ferry to the island, and it will cost you around 20$ to take it. You’ll be also able to climb the stairs inside the monument and get the view that lady Liberty has of NYC. What could interest you if you’ve had a long-distance move to New York is that you can pay another 10$ to do an immigrant search. And who knows? Maybe you can find when your family came to the US and even on which boat.

    Catch a movie or show being filmed

    NYC is a huge place full of action when it comes to entertainment. The spotlight of the Big Apple attracts many movie stars and film producers. So don’t be surprised if you walk down the street and you see a movie or a show being filmed. Enjoy the moments when you catch some action, and get used to it because in NYC every day there is filming going on. And who knows? Maybe they will pick you out of the crowd and that could be the start of your big acting carrier.

    A film crew filming
    You can always expect a filming crew around the corner in NYC

    The first things to do in NYC once you move there – Times square

    Times Square is one of the most iconic places NYC has to offer. It is always full of people and it’s always under the light. Be it the light from the sun or the neon lights around. You’ll never notice if it’s day or night when you’re out there. There are so many places to visit that even the storage Bergen County unit wouldn’t be enough to keep your souvenirs. If you’re there around the end of the year don’t miss the drop of the new years’ ball. It’s a picture that goes around the globe every year and it’s great to be part of it.

    Moving to NYC is a big task and depending on where you’re moving from it can be an overwhelming challenge. If you’re able to adapt to it you’ll notice how the city really becomes welcoming after a while. For every update and information, you can always visit the site of the city to have an idea of what’s happening soon near you. Until then we hope that our tips on the first things to do in NYC once you move there are helpful. Have fun exploring NYC!