Things you can leave behind when packing for a move

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    Moving a house is a perfect time to sort out your belongings. Every closet contains a multitude of things people no longer use but are reluctant to throw away. When you are changing your address, you are practically forced to give away some of your possessions. It is not possible or practical to take every item with you. Starting a life in a new home will be easier without unnecessary items. This is why Movage Moving + Storage offers a list of things you can leave behind when packing for a move. Useful advice from renowned movers will facilitate your relocation to a great extent.

    Things you can leave behind when packing for a move

    When you are planning your relocation, keep in mind that this is the perfect opportunity to declutter. Go through all your belongings before packing and put aside all redundant items. Decide which items you will give away to friends, family, or charity, and which will end up in a trash can. Some of the items you should not be taking with you to your new house are the following:

    • old clothes
    • bathroom items
    • perishable food
    • broken or damaged items
    • things that are not suitable for your new environment
    • old papers and documents
    a person putting clothes in a box
    Pack your redundant clothes neatly and donate them to the local charity organization


    If you have not worn that T-shirt for a few years, chances are you will never put it on again. So, why bother and try to squeeze it into a moving box? Pack only the clothes you wear regularly. As for the rest of your clothing items, find the best way to get rid of them. You can give it away to friends and family or take it to the nearest charity organization. Refusing to get rid of the clothes you do not wear only creates an unnecessary burden to your moving process. After one of the best moving companies NJ completes your relocation, you can go shopping for some new clothes.

    Bathroom Items

    Almost every bathroom cupboard contains numerous beauty products and medications. Check the expiry date on each package and narrow down your packing inventory list by throwing out expired products. All bathroom items are replaceable, and you can buy them in any store, no matter where you are moving to. Figure out what the best way is to pack lightly and streamline your moving process. Get rid of all the unnecessary shampoos, soaps, and fabric conditioners. Be practical when packing so your Bergen County movers may relocate you without a hiccup.

    Perishable food

    Perishable food is the last thing you will throw out of the house because you might need it up until the last minute. Remember not to throw it away way too ahead of time, as you need food during packing. After you packed all your belongings, it is time to empty the fridge. Throw out any food that is likely to decay fast, such as fruit, vegetables, meat, cooking leftovers, and dairy products.

    food you should leave behind when packing for a move
    Clean the fridge before moving out, and throw out all perishable food

    Broken or damaged items

    All those gadgets and appliances that have been broken for some time, but you have been delaying to fix them, will no longer serve any purpose. This is why it is best to leave them behind when moving out. Also, anything that is chipped, burnt, or missing pieces, should not find its place in your new home.

    Also, in order to save your items from damage, make sure to pack them correctly. Be cautious when packing fragile items, furniture, and art. The best art movers NYC will make sure to safely transport your valuable items to your new address.

    Anything that is not applicable to your new surroundings

    If you are moving from the north of the country to a state with a warm climate, not all your belongings should go with you. For instance, a snowplow will be quite redundant in Florida or California. If you are moving from a house into a flat, you may want to get rid of a lawnmower. Look through the stuff in your garage and try to determine which items you really need to put into moving boxes. As for the stuff you no longer need, organize a garage sale, or sell them online. There are many creative and lucrative ways to get rid of redundant stuff.

    Old papers and documents

    Probably there is a bunch of old bank statements, expired warranties, or redundant copies of documents piled up in your drawer. Use the opportunity that your upcoming relocation offers and clean that clutter up. Keep only valid documents and important papers and put the rest of the junk down the shredder.

    a man mowing the lawn
    All the appliances you can’t use at your new location leave behind when packing for a move.

    Things to leave to the new owner of your old home

    In agreement with the next person that is about to move into your home, you can leave some household items for them to use. For instance, instead of throwing out furniture, kitchen appliances, or even plants, you may leave them in the house. Perhaps a new owner will make use of the things you no longer need. This way you will make your packing much easier, and find a new purpose for the unwanted items. Also, make sure to leave all light fixtures and light bulbs in the house, so the new owners have proper lights as soon as they move in.

    Pack lightly and practically

    With a good moving company at hand to assist you with your relocation, your moving process will be fast and efficient. Decluttering and determining what to leave behind when packing for a move should be the only task that you will be conducting. Everything else will be in the hands of renowned New Jersey professionals from Movage Moving + Storage. Not only are you getting rid of redundant baggage, but you are also doing a favor to others, by leaving them with furniture, appliances, and other useful stuff.