What brings good luck when moving into a new home

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    Moving into a new home is a start of a new chapter in your life. Relocations can be stressful, tiring, even overwhelming because they take a lot of your time and energy. Whether you are superstitious or not, a little bit of extra luck cannot hurt. There are many traditions and rituals that are believed to bring good luck when moving into a new home. People say that these traditions drive evil spirits away and bring positive energy into a house.

    Arranging furniture in Feng Shui

    The philosophy of Feng Shui is based on the principle that the flow of energy in a home can bring happiness, prosperity, and luck. On the other hand, when you don’t arrange furniture properly, it can cause unhappiness and lack of success. The living room is one of the most important rooms in a home and it represents the whole family. Chairs and sofas should face one another instead of being at right angles to each other in order to encourage communication and closeness. When it comes to the bedroom, the bed should not be placed on the same wall as the door. Possible unpleasant surprises are the reason for this, so place the bed in a position that enables you to see the door from the bed.

    Another thing that can block positive energy is clutter. It is best to organize your belongings and get rid of the things you don’t need before you move into your new home. Divide your things into three piles – keep, toss, donate. If you have stuff you no longer use, clothes you don’t wear, furniture pieces that won’t fit into your new home, there is no need to pack them. Once you decide which items you want to transport, contact NJ movers and packers and request a moving estimate. Remember that the cost of your move depends on the size of it.

    A woman lights candles
    Burning candles draw good luck, money, love, and peace

    If you need some special services, for example moving large pieces such as a piano, inform your moving company in advance. Piano movers NJ need time to plan the move, bring extra staff, and special equipment.

    Objects that bring good luck when moving into a new home

    In all cultures and countries, people believe that certain objects bring good luck. These beliefs usually stem from folklore or religion and are associated with happiness and success. For example, elephants symbolize strength and wisdom. People buy elephant ornaments and figurines believing that they will bring them good luck and prosperity. The same goes for fish, tortoises, ladybugs, horseshoes, dream catchers, and crystals.

    What should you do first when you walk into your new home?

    There is a tradition that suggests you bring bread and salt the first time you step into your new home. They symbolize wealth, stability, abundance, prosperity, hospitality. Bread means that you will never be hungry and salt adds flavor and joy to your life. Another tradition is to burn sage in order to cleanse your home from negativity and start fresh. People also light candles and believe that flame will absorb the negative energy and bring light.

    A girl looking at a fish tank that brings good luck when moving into a new home
    It is said that fish bring good luck when moving into a new home

    The moving date can bring good luck when moving into a new home

    There is a superstition that you shouldn’t move on a Friday or Saturday. However, these are the most popular days to move because people have enough time to settle into during the weekend. If you are superstitious, and flexible with moving dates, moving on a workday can save you some money. Also, it is cheaper to move off-season as there is greater availability. Some people believe that moving on a rainy day brings bad luck. Also, it makes the entire moving process more difficult. There is a greater chance of damaging your belongings, traffic jams, moving injuries, etc. Still, the most important thing is to hire reliable movers such as Movage Moving + Storage to ensure a successful relocation. If you find experienced movers that know what they are doing, your relocation will be stress-free.

    How to find trustworthy movers?

    Hiring the right moving company that meets your needs and fits your budget is the most important part of the moving process. Do you need some special services, such as packing or storage Teterboro NJ? Do you want well-trained and experienced movers? It is not impossible to mind a company that ticks all the boxes but it takes some time and research. Visit specialized moving websites where you can find general information, reviews, and ratings. Read previously submitted comments and complaints. Make sure the company you choose has a license and offers insurance.

    If you know someone who has moved recently, ask them for a recommendation. Honest advice from family members, colleagues, or friends will save you a lot of energy and time, as these are people you trust. Ask them about movers’ punctuality, professionalism, efficiency, moving costs, etc.

    Movers carry a sofa
    Good movers will facilitate and accelerate your move

    Have a housewarming party

    This might not be a traditional or superstitious custom, but it is certainly one of the most popular and fun ones. There is no better way to start this new chapter in your life than to spend time with the people you love. Fill your new home with friends, family, love, and laughter. The moving process can be very expensive, so it is understandable if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a party. However, you can still organize a great housewarming party without going bankrupt. Figure out how much you want to spend, make a realistic guest list, and get creative with the decorations. If your kitchen is not ready yet, you can organize a potluck party. This means that guests bring their favorite appetizers and dishes, which are great for casual parties. There is no better ritual or tradition than spending time with friends and family in your new home celebrating.