What to expect in Bergen County during the winter

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    Winter is a season that divides people. For some, it’s the period of the year to celebrate and have fun and on the other hand, there will be people who just want to wake up when snow and cold are over. Even with our movers NYC you’ll find different opinions. For that reason, we decided to show you what to expect in Bergen County during the winter. Above all, we wanted to bring out your holiday spirit. Even if you aren’t a fan of the season of snow there are things to do for you too. Just take a positive mindset and enjoy all outdoor and indoor activities Bergen County has to offer.

    Shining lights

    The fact that it gets darker earlier now can have a positive side to it. From the end of November to the end of December you will have the opportunity to get to experience some amazing holiday lights in Bergen County. Because of the pandemic, there are probably some rules that will change this year so keep yourself informed. But we are sure they will still have an amazing show that will leave you stunned. We expect the same type of fun as every year with Santa and listening to Christmas songs while drinking hot milk sitting around the fire. This is a great opportunity to take your family and have a great time.

    Christmas light that you can expect in Bergen County during the winter
    Shining lights is what you can expect in Bergen County during the winter

    Expect ice skating during the winter in Bergen County

    If there is one thing that is expected in Bergen County it has to be ice skating. It will be open from the end of November and will stay open until the end of February. For additional safety measures the ice rink has been updated so there is more space. There are rarely any moving companies Bergen County NJ that didn’t have their customers ask questions about skating during wintertime. As a parent, this could be a great way to teach your kids a new skill and if ice skates are mastered in your family this will be a perfect way to show your skills.

    The Ramsey Farmers Market

    The Ramsey Farmers Market is one of the most famous markets in Bergen County. Customers in search of extraordinary fruits, vegetables, and much more, go to the Ramsey Train Station at Erie Plaza each Sunday, from  November and finishing all the way through April 2021. Even the local movers around here recommend this during the wintertime. Unfortunately,  the market will be completely outdoors this winter due to coronavirus and will feature not more than 40 vendors. As a place, you can expect lots of fun and great food here during the winter in Bergen County here, but don’t forget to be responsible for your health and other peoples’ health.

    Ramsey Farmers Market is what you expect in Bergen County during the winter
    The Ramsey Farmers Market is where you buy quality products

    Have fun playing mini-golf

    If the outdoors isn’t your cup of tea then maybe some outdoor activities could make your winter feel warmer. Take your kids and their friends to have a couple of swings at the ball or join in with them. The area itself is darker with a lot of different color lights so it will be fun to watch as much as play. Obviously, this year limits do exist. For example, there aren’t more than twenty people allowed so be prepared to make reservations in advance.

    Expect a couple of bowling sessions and eating out in Bergen County this winter

    This winter might be different for certain festivals and happenings but some things remain. It’s time to get your bowling shoes on. Get your friends together in these difficult times and try to have fun. Get some bowling tournaments on and the loser has to buy lunch.  There is nothing better for people who aren’t too fond of winter than having a nice night out with friends playing a game and after that going out to grab something to eat at some Bergen County burger joints or some of the local restaurants.

    Take a sip of beer at the Expo

    The Great Beer Expo is an event that happens yearly and last year there were present 150 types of beer from around 30 breweries around the country. This takes place every February so there is still time for the organizers to announce if there will be one for 2021. However, we hope that there will be one this year.  The admission is paid and last year there was a complimentary beer glass that came with the ticket. There are amazing games you can play with others so it’s a great way to challenge your friends while enjoying some quality beer. This year you need to have double the responsibility because of the virus and a duty to not drink and drive.

    Neon sign with the word beer written three times
    The festival attracts many people every year, but this year it’s questionable if it’s being held

     Expect to slip and slide in Bergen County this winter

    The virus might change our way of life but it can’t take everything from us. If everything else fails there are still ways to make this winter magical. It’s time to find where have you been packing all those winter stuff you put away. Firstly, find a small hill to take your kids, and give them snow sliders. Now let them slide and why not, get in a couple of slides yourself. By doing that you can create a fun experience that will be a great memory for your kids and it will put a smile on your face watching them slide down. If nothing else you know that the pandemic can’t cancel that.

    Winter this year will be different than all other winters before. Because of that, there are many people asking themselves what to expect in Bergen County during the winter. In normal circumstances, we would mostly talk about the Bergen County Winter Festival as one of the biggest events in the area, but unfortunately, there are many uncertainties when it comes to this winter. Our best advice is to keep yourself updated on all events in Bergen County as that can always change. We wish you a happy winter and hope that you will enjoy it.