What you can do to help out your movers

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    If you are wondering whether to help your movers or not. You should know that help with some small things during the move and before it would be very appreciated. While you have hired them to move your belongings. And probably pack them too. There are small things which you can do to help them do it easier and quicker. Here are some things you can do to help out your movers from Movage Moving before they come to move and pack your belongings.

    Make sure to inquire about the moving company’s policy on helping

    Moving companies have different policies on this. Whether it’s for insurance reasons or for efficiency or some other reason. But some will gladly accept help as long as it’s within certain limits. While others prefer to take care of it all by themselves. There is also the fact that if you are moving to another state there is no rush to do it all quickly. Because interstate movers charge by weight and miles instead of time.

    One of the best ways to help out your movers is to get pets and kids out of the way

    It’s normal for kids to run around and want to play. But that can be a problem during the move. Because your movers will be moving many big and heavy things. So it will both be harder for them to do that, and it will be dangerous for the kids. It would be ideal to leave the kids and pets with a relative during the move. Whichever of the moving companies in Manhattan NY you hire, they will be thankful that you made the move much easier for them.

    Children playing with baloons on a green grass field
    Having your children out of the way will make the move easier both for your movers and your children

    Label all the boxes

    Labeling all the boxes will make the move easier both for you and your movers. Knowing that each box will be in the room it needs to be will make unpacking easier. And it will help deal with moving stress. As you will have one less thing to worry about.

    Help your movers by making sure you have packed everything before the move

    You can help out your movers in a big way if you make sure that you have packed your house before they arrive. Go through your home and double-check that you have packed everything and that it is ready to be moved. Otherwise, they would have to sit and wait until you pack it all, and that will cost you both time and money. You can also let your movers take care of the packing.

    A couple packing boxes before the move to help out the movers
    Packing everything long before the move will make the move easier and faster

    Remove everything from the walls

    This is something that often gets overlooked and people end up doing it last minute. Which can end up costing you money. Go through each room and take down everything from the walls. And prepare it for the move accordingly. Things like:

    • Clocks
    • Pictures
    • Paintings
    • Artwork