Working with movers during the pandemic

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    The Covid-19 pandemic has made most of our daily activities more challenging. Most of the people keep postponing the important events and duties. Everybody is hoping that tomorrow will be the day when everything goes back to normal. But what if your deadline for moving has approached, and you have no choice but to relocate soon? Your best option is to hire full service movers NYC. Let them take care of everything. Working with movers during the pandemic may be slightly different than the usual moving, but there are ways to complete it successfully. 

    Getting your supplies for working with movers during the pandemic

    The precaution starts with getting the moving supplies. The ideal would be if only one family member could go and get all the necessary supplies. We understand that it might be difficult to buy it all at once, but it is preferable. This way you significantly reduce the chances of contaminating yourself or your movers. Avoid using second-hand supplies too.

    Working with movers during the pandemic, moving supplies
    Get your moving supplies at once to avoid too many contacts

    Get your moving quote online

    Luckily, today is very easy to get a moving quote online. Most of the moving companies have this option available on their sites. It is a very easy and straightforward calculation. And if in doubt, you can always call your moving company for clarifications.

    Packing ahead and temperature-controlled storage

    Coronavirus can last only for a limited time on surfaces. So, packing at least 24 hours before the move is a good idea. By the time your movers arrive, your boxes will be safe to touch. Or even better, keep your boxes in a climate controlled storage NJ for some time. A cold climate will prevent the virus from spreading.

    Wear a mask while assisting your movers during the pandemic

    Masks are a great way of protecting yourself and others. If you are kids are unwilling to wear them on the day of the move, buy them colorful or printed ones. You could have a few extra masks handy in case some of your movers forgot theirs. Everybody should take precautions to stay safe. It is worth mentioning that simple medical masks work the best. Frequent changing of those will give you additional security. But if you already have your favorite reusable mask, that will work too. Just make sure you wash it after every use.

    personalized masks
    If your kids do not want to wear regular masks, interest them in colorful ones

    Working with movers during the pandemic- contactless

    The main recommendation, from the medical experts, is to avoid all the contacts whenever possible. In the case of relocation, this is perfectly feasible. Luckily, today’s business development is moving in that direction. It is possible to arrange almost everything online or over the phone. So, even if you have the best movers just around the corner, don’t go visit in person. Make a call instead. Also, while arranging all the necessary services ask for contactless service. For example, you could leave everything packed in your apartment and then let the Brooklyn movers finish the rest. This way you are leaving them space to work and avoiding the hazard of spreading the virus. Sometimes you can’t avoid being present during the relocation. In that case, maintain at least a 6-foot distance from your movers.

    Sanitizing of the moving items before and after the move

    Thorough cleaning and sanitizing of your items is the best way of preventing the virus from spreading. You are disinfecting your belongings before the move to protect your movers. And you are doing it after to protect you and your family. You can use any mild sope and a piece of cloth for cleaning. Buy some alcohol in a pharmacy and wipe everything once again after the washing. And don’t forget to wash your hands frequently.

    The items you should be particular about when cleaning

    • Your phone– working with movers means that you will probably have to touch your phone a lot. Make sure it is clean when you do.
    • The handbag– if you are a woman, your handbag goes everywhere with you. wipe it after the relocation.
    • Your shoes– during the pandemic, clean your shoes every time you come.
    • Boxes and wrappers– the best would be to throw all of this after moving.

    Ask your pharmacist what to use on the most sensitive pieces. Once you are in your new house, change your clothes and wash them. Use some alcohol for your hands the whole time.

    a disinfectant with a mask and gloves
    Careful disinfection is important when working with movers during the pandemic

    Make sure that your new house is recently cleaned too

    Moving into a clean house is important on any given day. But with the outspread of the pandemic, this has become mandatory. You will probably be too busy with packing and relocation. However, you could hire a reputable cleaning service to get everything ready for you. Another option is to hire packing services NYC to finish your packing. That way you would be free to go and personally clean your new house.

    Refreshment breaks during the pandemic relocation

    Regardless if it is a cross-country move or you are moving a few blocks away, you need to refresh from time to time. Some of the restaurants may be closed due to pandemic, so you might need to order a takeaway service. Or even better, prepare your own food and snacks a day ahead. That way, you can be in control of the food quality. Make sure you bring enough water with you to prevent dehydration. Again, make sure that everything is perfectly sanitized, from cutlery to water bottles. 

    Normally, you would strive to finish your relocation as soon as possible. During the pandemic, however, the emphasis is on safety. Precautionary measures have to be taken. So, buy enough sanitizing products and start timely preparation. Working with movers during the pandemic is challenging for both you and the movers. But with good communication and understanding from both sides, everything can go smoothly.