3 reasons to move to Fort Lee NJ

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    If you are considering Fort Lee as your new place of residence, you may want to know what the main benefits are. What, exactly, are the reasons to move to Fort Lee NJ? Well, there can be as many reasons as there are people. It all depends on your personal preferences and what you expect from the place. However, there are some factors that are commonly found on the wishlists of future residents, such as crime rates. One of the best ways to look for information is actually asking movers Fort Lee NJ directly. They will have some premium insight, due to their vast experience in the area.

    Also, one of the main draws that Fort Lee offers is its great housing market. You will be able to get more for less, compared to NJ of course, and will have plenty of houses to choose from. Depending on the season, your deals may vary but it is a fact that Fort Lee has a really thriving housing market. But we get ahead of ourselves. Let’s start with the simple things. Here are the:

    Top 3 reasons to move to Fort Lee NJ

    If you are looking for definite reasons to move to this place, here they are:

    1. Crime and Safety
    2. The schools
    3. The commute
    mom and son
    Looking for a safe place for you and your family? Fort Lee is the perfect one!

    Crime and Safety

    If you are looking for a safe place to live, you can find few as safe as Fort Lee. That is not to say that it is perfectly safe because it is not, as no place on this earth is. But if you want to play the numbers game (and you really should), the fact is that this place is safer than 72% of all other cities in the entire U.S. This fact alone makes Fort Lee a phenomenal place to live when you consider many of the alternatives. In fact, many people hire Queens movers to get to this area, based on the crime rate alone.

    Here are some additional facts:

    In NJ, you approximately have a 1 in 481 chance of being a victim of a violent crime. Move to Fort Lee, however, and this chance becomes 1 in 1724. That is quite a big reduction. All in all, safety is something that is paramount to most people and that is the #1 reason why Fort Lee is held in such regard.

    One of the top reasons to move to Fort Lee NJ – The schools

    Moving on, the next great reason to choose Fort Lee as your permanent place of residence is its schooling system. While admittedly it is not Harvard-level schooling, it is really good for a place this size. There is a whole school district that houses four elementary schools. The fact of the matter is that this creates a competitive system between the schools, which further improves the education of the children. Overall, the scores that their students achieve are usually above the nationwide average.

    Fort Lee has great elementary schools for your children!

    The commute

    Living in this area puts you in close proximity to jobs all around NYC. The commute time is rather short and the options are cheap and plentiful. You can practically choose your desired method of transportation and be able to arrive at your workplace in more than a reasonable amount of time. If you are going to Midtown in the rush hour via the bus, you can expect to arrive there within the hour, usually even faster. You can opt for a monthly pass that goes around $135 or you can pay a single fare which is around $5. You can also take a ferry to NYC from Edgewater. It is a bit more expensive but you are traveling over the water so there is that.

    Close to the city but with a life of its own!

    The great benefit of living in this city is that you are never too far away from the wonder that is NYC. You can always decide to go downtown and to avail of the splendors therein. However, you don’t really need to resort to that all the time. Over time, Fort Lee has grown to become a place with a unique lifestyle and with a life of its own. There are many attractions to be found in this city, such as the Jack Alter Fort Lee Community Center where you can participate in numerous classes. You can even watch an outdoor movie in the summer! Then there are two parks, both with their own unique benefits. There are great hiking trails at the Palisades Interstate Park. If you are more interested in overlooks, there is the Fort Lee Historic Park.

    All in all, there is quite a bit to do in Fort Lee. There is even a dog run!

    The housing market as one of the reasons to move to Fort Lee NJ

    But everything mentioned above would be a moot point if the housing market was not attractive. Luckily for future residents, it sure is. There is a huge selection of listings, ranging from low to absurdly high prices. There were listings for only $39,900 for a small studio and there were listings of $3 million and upwards. When it comes to the middle range, however, you can expect the median price to be around $250,000. The rental market is also quite active so if you are between homes that might be a great option as well. All in all, the market is definitely not unfair and is skewed towards the buyers. Therefore, if you are searching for the best place to settle down with your family, you should know that Fort Lee is one of the best places to live in NJ!

    Searching for an apartment to rent or house to buy? Fort Lee offers a lot of options for everyone!

    Ready to move to Fort Lee? Hire a professional mover

    If you find the reasons to move to Fort Lee NJ to your liking, it is time to figure out the details. You will most likely need to relocate your household and for that, you might want to enlist some help. Professional moving companies are everywhere and you should usually hire the ones that are the most experienced in the area. The mover should also offer plenty of moving services for your needs. There are a lot of other considerations when hiring a moving company but if you are only looking at one thing, that one should be it.