Best places to relax in New York City

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    Living in New York is all about the hustle and bustle. It truly is a concrete jungle out there, with all the variety of loud and inarticulate sounds that the word “jungle” would invoke. We all need some peace and quiet from time to time. So, is it even possible to get some silence in NYC? Well, New York is famous for its fast-paced life. However, that does not mean that there are no safe havens for those who know where to look for them. Furthermore, if you are searching for the best places to relax in New York City, we are here to help you find them!

    If you are new to NYC – a little bit about the city

    Ok, so first, off, let’s talk a little bit about NYC in general. This particular part of this post is dedicated to those who are new to the city and are still waiting for international shipping companies NJ to transport the rest of their stuff in.

    After all, chances are you are one of those who immigrated to NYC because a lot of people do. New York has most people born out of the country as residents out of any city in the world. As high as 3.2 million residents were born outside of the US. This is a continuation of a proud tradition of New York in being an entry point for legal immigration. After all, the city is located on one of the world’s biggest natural harbors meaning it is a rather natural entry point for immigrants for more than a century. There are a whopping 800 languages spoken among its 8,398,748 people that inhabit 302.6 square miles of what makes NYC proper.

    This city is the financial capital of the world. International diplomacy is run from its UN HQ building and the city is the leader in technology, education, research, tourism, and art.

    Five boroughs:

    • Brooklyn. Most populated (and often very well represented) borough.
    • Manhattan. The center of NYC and where most of the places to relax in New York City we listed are to be found.
    • Queens. Geographically the largest county, and the second most populated.
    • The Bronx. Love open space? Almost a quarter of Bronx, fourth largest borough of New York, is exactly that. YOu should definitely visit Bronx Zoo and Botanical Garden.
    • Staten Island. Least populated, but the third largest of the boroughs. A place for those who live a little bit more space.

    Places to relax in New York City

    Ok, now the part we have all been looking for. Let us talk about places to relax in New York City.

    places to relax in New York City - a bench
    What places we have in mind?

    Be it that you took Movage Moving + Storage and arrived just yesterday, or that you are a long time resident, let us review all of the places to relax in New York City.

    Conservatory Garden

    First off, we start with the Northeastern corner of the famous Central Park. Now, we know what you are thinking. Everybody knows about Central Park. And that is true, but we would still like to dedicated two places in our places to relax in New York City list to parts of Central Park none-the-less. First of them is the Conservatory Garden.

    This Formal Garden is located between 104th and 106th Streets west of Fifth Avenue. It is actually the only formal garden within Central Park. If you are ever just overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle, sit by the Three Dancing Maidens and relax for the while. Let your thoughts wander.

    North Woods & North Meadow

    International shipping companies in New York sometimes take time, and you have just arrived and want to get out of the busy streets? Go to the northern section of Central Park. Clos to upper West Side and Harlem. You will find a 90-acre woods. There is a lot on this piece of land. The Great hill, recreation center, sports complex… However, it is also a place to simply find some peace and quiet with the tasteful chorus of bird and insect sounds.

    Morningside Heights Riverside park

    As we finally leave Central Park, we go to Riverside Park. It is located on the Hudson River, is a strip of land that goes from the Upper Westside down to Hamilton Heights. Want some quiet time by the river? No better place to go.

    St. Patricks Cathedral

    If you are a little bit tired of parks, why not rest from your long relocation by interstate movers NJ by visiting the famous St Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan. You will find this marvelous building between 50th and 51st streets on the east side of Fifth Avenue. Across it is the famous Rockefeller Center.

    St. Patricks Cathedral NYC
    Visit the St. Patricks Cathedral to feel the magnificence and silence of this beautiful structure

    The building is decorated in a Neo-gothic style, being a Roman Catholic cathedral. It serves as the seat of the archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York.

    The cathedral is a great place to find peace. You can lose yourself watching the beautiful colors of stained glass or appreciate many of the churches artworks

    The Cloisters

    Tired of all the NYC events and want to feel a little bit separated from New York? How about from North America as well? Go to Forth Tryon Park, Washington Heights, Manhattan. You will find a museum specializing in European Medial architecture, sculpture, arts and many more. Furthermore, special care is given to the Romanesque and Gothic periods.

    the monestery
    Want peace and silence? Visit the Cloister

    You will still be in Manhattan. However, while walking its always you will feel like you just visited a French monastery. The whole building is rather unique and a perfect place to relax and lose yourself.

    To summarise

    We have given you some of the places to relax in New York City we appreciate. However, we do concede that most of them are in Manhattan. Therefore, we encourage you to wander around and find more. Not all those who wander are lost…especially not in NYC.