3 things to know about moving contracts

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    Once you decide that you should be moving away, you need to be aware of the fact that moving is a process that can take quite a lot of time to organize and complete. Therefore, you should make sure not to waste your time after the decision has been made. Instead, you should get down and assume a hands-on approach to solving the imminent issues of your move. In order to do this the easiest way possible, you should get proper professional local moving NY help. In order to do this, you should find out as much as you can about the moving company, its reputation, and the documents that it should provide you with before the moving day comes. One of the things that you should sign is the moving contract. Therefore, let’s take a look at what are the 3 things to know about moving contracts.

    signing documents
    Find out what a moving contract should contain before signing it

    Things to know about moving contracts – are they so important as they seem to be?

    This is the question that you should not be even thinking about asking. Of course, moving contracts are that important! Moving contracts are the most important legally binding documents that you are going to sign with your chosen long-distance movers NJ. However, many people do fail to take moving documents importantly when they decide what moving company they are going to be doing business will.

    For some reason, sometimes, people believe that the agreement on which hands had been shaken is binding enough to guarantee them an easy move.

    However, nowadays, this cannot be further from the truth. The value of a person’s word has diminished in the past twenty years significantly. Therefore, when you decide what moving company you are going to hire for your move, make sure to sign a written contract with them. But, you should also have enough time to inspect the contract before signing it.

    Given the fact that we are aware that not many people are aware of what the important parts of moving contracts are, we have decided to help you out. So, it is your job to sign a moving contract. Today, we will teach you what to pay attention to in them.

    The most important things to know about moving contracts

    Now that we all understand why it is important to sign a moving contract with the moving provider that we have opted for, let’s take a look at what you need to pay attention to when signing the contract.

    Still, before we go into details, let us point out that it would be a wise thing to consult your lawyer any time you are signing any kind of contract. Moving contracts are no different. Given the fact that you are going to be legally bound to honor them, just like the other party will, the lawyer is the person to get in touch before you actually bring the pen to the paper and put your initials in it. Some things, however, you can check for yourself.

    The things that you do not need anyone else’s help with are the following:

    Ready to take a detailed look at them?

    glasses on a contract
    Open four eyes when signing a moving contract

    Moving estimates

    One of the simplest documents that you are going to have a deal with is moving estimates. While we did use the adjective simple, we did not mean unimportant.

    In fact, moving estimates are very important. No matter whether you are looking for help with a residential move NY or you may be moving your company, you should make sure to hire the mover that is going to provide you with a moving estimate prior to signing the moving contract. Moving estimates have become a standard in the industry. Therefore, only untrustworthy movers will deny one. And those are the ones that you should avoid.

    Moving estimates come in two forms:

    • Binding
    • Non-binding

    Binding moving estimates include the maximum price for your move. While the cost could be lower, it is not going to be any higher than estimated.

    Non-binding moving estimates, however, do not include the maximum price. However, the final price can only top the estimated by 10%. So, you are still going to be aware of how much the move could cost you.

    Bill of lading is one of the important things to know about moving contracts

    Another important term to be aware of is the bill of lading.

    A bill of lading is the document that proves that the mover has taken over the load that needs relocating. No matter whether you may be moving within the state of New York or anywhere farther, you should make sure to receive this kind of document.

    A bill of lading is a document without which the moving professional is, legally, not going to be able to transport your items. He is going to give it to you to sign on the day of the move.

    A bill of lading should contain the following information:

    • Fees included in the moving fee
    • Total price
    • Pick up and delivery dates
    • Insurance coverage
    • Agreement statement

    Make sure to validate the information on the bill of lading before signing it.


    The last thing that we are going to talk about today is an inventory sheet. 

    To request an inventory sheet is one of the things to know about moving contracts
    Make sure that all of your items are written down on an inventory list

    An inventory sheet is a document that should contain a list of your belonging being moved. Now, this is a document that the movers should provide to you. However, you may want to come up with your own inventory sheet before moving. Then, you would be able to compare the two. Sign it only once you are certain that all is there.


    There are many things to know about moving contracts. The above-mentioned are just some of them. Keep your eyes open at all times and move safely.