5 Best Tips for Packing Liquids

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    Every moving process has you packing various liquids. While this may be usually thought of to be quite tricky, it is actually quite easy to do if you follow proper procedure. Obviously, the easiest way is to hire the services from a good moving company but you can do all of this on your own. All you need is a bit of time and patience and some know-how. And we are here to provide you with tips for packing liquids. So, let’s start with:

    Useful tips for packing liquids – How to do it properly?

    A proper way to handle packing liquids is quite simple. All you need to do is follow the outline described in this list:

    • Create an inventory list
    • Get rid of unnecessary ones
    • Tips for packing liquids – Pack them together
    • Use the right techniques and proper packing materials
    • Tips for packing liquids – Use plastic bins and don’t forget to label!
    First things first – create an inventory list.

    Create an inventory list

    First of all, you will need to know what you are working with. Before you can properly prepare, you need an inventory list of all of your liquids. This information is absolutely essential when it comes to purchasing packing materials.

    One thing to keep in mind is that some of the liquids that you have will not be able to go inside a moving truck. Yes, even if you rent it yourself, anything that is either explosive, corrosive, flammable or even highly toxic, cannot go inside. That is the law.

    Get rid of unnecessary liquids

    You will definitely not want to transport all of your liquids, some you will simply throw away. It is best to identify this as soon as possible and make sure to know what you will not need anymore. This will make your residential moving a lot cheaper and easier. In fact, this is the perfect time to consider what else you might not be bringing with you. As with liquids, you most likely need to throw away a lot more stuff before the move. Might as well start early!

    Tips for packing liquids – Pack them together

    When transporting liquids, the worst thing that can happen is for them to spill. It is better if that happens that they do not spill over your other valuables. By keeping them together, preferably by type, you are minimizing the risk to your property. After all, you cant throw a housewarming party with stained items. You can pack all of your kitchen liquids into one place, for ease of access. Remember to clearly label and separate the types, it makes overall handling much easier.

    Use the right techniques and proper packing materials

    You will need some packing materials and some know-how to pack your liquids. The simplest, and often the most effective, way is to do this:

    • Secure the opening
    • Wrap the top of the box from the outside
    • Line your box

    And that is it.

    Use packing tape to secure the box from the outside.

    Secure the opening

    In more detail, you need to secure the opening by cutting a square piece of plastic wrapping. After that, you simply remove the top of your liquid container and put that square over the opening. You then proceed to replace the top, firmly screwing it in place. Leave a bit of overhang, there should be some plastic that is visible below the top.

    Wrap the top of the box from the outside

    After that, you will proceed to wrap the outside of the top by cutting an even larger wrapping square and applying it all around the top. This will create a double barrier of sorts. Also, make sure to secure that wrapping with something like a rubber band, packing tape, or both.

    Line your box

    When handling liquids, the best way to go about it is to use plastic bins. However, if you really want to use cardboard, make sure to line the box with something like a garbage bag. You go about this by placing the bag inside the box, with the opening facing up. Then you can carefully place all your previously sealed and wrapped liquids inside, also faced up. Before you fully tape the box, make sure to secure it at the top.

    Tips for packing liquids – Use plastic bins and don’t forget to label!

    And now for the usefulness of the plastic bins. One of the better tips for packing liquids is to use these plastic containers. The best thing about them is that any kind of a spill, or a leak, will be contained and not spread further. It will also be a lot easier to clean up. Another thing you can’t forget is to label all of your containers properly. If you really want to go gung-ho on labeling, check out these labeling ideas. Having everything labeled makes everything involving those items easier.

    Don’t forget to label every plastic bin!

    Depending on how many liquids you have, this can range anywhere from nice-to-have to absolutely essential. Not having your liquids labeled may create a lot of additional work, at the worst time. Obviously, if you don’t want to deal with any of that, you can always simply:

    Hire a professional mover

    When in doubt about the moving process, the best thing to do is to consult the professionals. After all, if anyone knows the most on the moving subject then it’s the people that are working in the moving industry. Simply put, you want to have them at your side when the moving day comes. Sure, it is a cost but the amount of work that is involved is more than paying for it.

    Sure, you can do it all by yourself, but the amount of work and stress involved is most of the time simply not worth it. That is why you hire a moving company and simply hold back and relax and enjoy your relocation. You can spend your time getting to know your new neighborhood. There will still be some work involved, though, but far less than if you do everything by yourself. Of course, if you don’t really have much to move, you can simply ask for moving advice. Most of the moving companies will be glad to assist you and provide answers to your moving questions.