5 tips for renting a home in NYC

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    NYC’s real estate market is highly competitive. Prices are high and landlords are demanding. It is extremely hard to find a great apartment, with decent rent and an honest landlord. But with a bit of research and a stretching budget, you’ll be able to find a suitable match. Although, you must possess the knowledge of the matter and come prepared. You should be aware of the pros and cons of moving to NYC before you decide to move and rent a home. Therefore, we bring you a few tips for renting a home in NYC.

    Real estate agent’s tips for renting a home in NYC

    To snatch the best deal available, you must think like a real estate agent. Keep in mind that almost 50% of renting properties on the market is in the hands of brokers. And almost all good ones. This means that you should know how they work and think before approaching one. This knowledge will give you the leverage to negotiate and you’ll know how to avoid scams. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask all the questions you think relevant before you sign a leasing contract. All deals can be bargained. Be sure to point out the bad sides of the deal while keeping the good ones inside your head. Do not express your emotions in front of your broker or landlord. If they realize that you like the property it can work against you.

    Use your wit. Obtain real-estate knowledge and think as a broker should.

    Also, know that some brokers play a bait and switch card. This means they bait their customers with an amazing deal that is somehow gone once you meet with them. It is not bad luck, it never existed. Do not fall for it and end up renting something you never wanted. Furthermore, do not forget to ask who will pay the brokers fee and if there any additional costs. You’ll pay for the service but be sure to know the price before you ask for help from a real estate agent. And remember, you can always try to negotiate, it can be only beneficial.

    An honest real estate agent. Is it a myth?

    No, they do exist but they are hard to find. The best way is to find one through the word of mouth. If you know someone that had a pleasant experience with a certain realtor, give it a try. A recommendation from a friend, coworker, family member, or a moving company will go a long way. Moreover, you can assure yourself by checking the National Association of Realtors. If your realtor is a real deal, he should be there. Transparency is the key to an honest and trusting professional relationship, and you should be aiming for that.

    One of the best tips for renting a home in NYC is to get everything in writing. Especially if you are working with a real estate agent. This way you will avoid any surprise costs and fees that might emerge while in the process. This is a common thing in the business. Some agents might even guide you toward the bad choice simply because there is a fee attached to it. Therefore, communicate your broker’s fee beforehand and know what you are paying for.

    Questions you must ask your landlord

    Several important topics can be a deal-breaker if you neglect to mention on time. First, if you are a musician, or you have a loud and noisy hobby like motorbiking, mention it. Ask if your landlord and neighbors allow you to play your instrument without bothering anyone. Although, you do not want a noisy environment yourself. It is a good tactic to visit your new home at night on a weekend. Drive-by around midnight and check out if there are any loud noises that might disturb your good night’s sleep. A restaurant, nightclub, or a bar near your home can be a nasty thing. Get to know your new neighborhood prior to moving in.

    Make sure that this is a home for your pet as well.

    One more thing to ask if it is a pet-friendly home. This is something that should be displayed on the add, but you should ask anyway. Some landlords won’t allow pets at all while others have a few conditions you must honor. For example, smaller dogs are welcome but not the big ones over 40 pounds. Also, if your pet is healthy and with a good temperament. Some landlords ask for a written document provided by your vet.

    One of the tips for renting a home in NYC is that you can negotiate any offer laid before you!

    The real picture is usually hidden. But you can get to the bottom of it by following certain adds and properties on the market. If you realize that a home is on the market for a longer period, give it a closer look. It might be a decent deal if you lower the price of your rent. Or maybe to negotiate some perks like a storage space. More importantly, you can ask your landlord to fix things around the house or to buy new appliances before you move in. Lastly, even if the offer seems fair, you can always bluff and try to negotiate a better deal. You never know what you’ll achieve. Whatever you get out of it will benefit you greatly and reduce the cost of living in a new city.

    Find out if this is a family neighborhood

    It is important to figure out if the neighborhood is kid-friendly or not. You want to be sure that your little ones are safe while playing in the neighborhood as well while traveling to school and back. Therefore, try to obtain this info by asking your friends and coworkers if they know anything about it. Read online about the neighborhood and obtain valuable statistics on the subject. You can even visit your new neighborhood and spend a day around parks, schools, and playgrounds. Communicate with locals and eventually, you will see how many families with kids are moving through the neighborhood. You want the best for your kid, and to be raised in a healthy environment. Invest time and commit to this topic, it is an important one.

    These were the essential tips for renting a home in NYC. Be sure to ask and negotiate before signing anything. Be careful and thorough and in no time, you’ll find a suitable match. Now, what is left is to hire the best movers NYC to take care of your relocation. We wish you the best of luck with your investments and a successful start in your new neighborhood!