5 things to remember when moving to Brooklyn

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    Are you considering moving to Brooklyn? Brace yourself as this will not be your regular pack and move experience, but a whole new adventure! If you already live in New York and just moving from another borough to Brooklyn, it might be less challenging. But if you are coming from another part of the country, then you are in for quite a cultural shock, but also in for a treat. In order to prepare yourself, there are several things to remember when moving to Brooklyn. But first things first. You need to find a trustworthy moving company to relocate all your things. There is no better choice than picking any of the Brooklyn local movers. Now that you have that errand sorted, you can move on to the internet searching for all the necessary things you need to know about Brooklyn.

    Things to remember when moving to Brooklyn

    Brooklyn is the most populous NYC borough with around 2.5 million people. For a long time, Brooklyn was considered the most dangerous borough to live in, but those days are long gone. It has welcomed a lot of newcomers with families and singles looking for different opportunities. Generations of immigrants have left their trace on the borough and made it the most ethnically diverse area in NYC. For any assistance around the block, you can visit the city’s official website, or even better, check the social media and install apps for easier survival. There are so many things that one needs to remember when moving to Brooklyn. We will try and summarize the most important five, covering all areas of city life and one’s interests.

    Social media and apps as help to find information after moving to Brooklyn
    Find answers to your queries about Brooklyn on social media

    1. Renting an apartment in Brooklyn is not easy nor cheap

    A great thing to know when moving to Brooklyn is that you can find a place where you can sign a lease for only a month or two. This will, unfortunately, mean a lot of moving in the first 6 or 12 months so pack light. If you are not skilled in packing feel free to contact movers NJ and find out all the necessary information. The price of renting an apartment will depend on the size of the apartment and the number of roommates you plan to live with. For example, for a two-bedroom apartment, you will need to spend between $2,500 and $3,000 per month. On the bright side, utilities are not expensive. Another thing to remember when moving to Brooklyn is that you will not need a car, as the city transportation is excellent. With this in mind, renting an apartment in Brooklyn might not come as too expensive after all.

    2. Brooklyn transportation

    There are numerous transportation options in Brooklyn. The majority of them are part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The most recommended way of getting around Brooklyn is by using the subway. It is the fastest and most reliable means of transport and all for less than $3,00 per ride. Another option is to use a bus. There are 55 bus routes, and can sometimes be a faster option than the subway. Ferries have recently started being popular means of transportation, so if the existing routes suit you, this might be your best option. If you own a car, it can be more challenging to find a parking spot, as the city does not have a parking permit system. Ultimately, if you are more of a sports type of person, you can get your way through the city with a bicycle, personal or rented.

    3. Four season weather – thing to remember when moving to Brooklyn

    If you ever glimpsed at any of the movies depicting Brooklyn, you could see the presence of all seasons. Choose the clothes you will pack carefully. People in Brooklyn walk a lot, so comfortable shoes and clothes are non-negotiable. It can get very cold, so bring the appropriate jackets, coats, scarves, and gloves. Spring is the most unpredictable season, so the best thing is to dress in layers. Also, there is a lot of rain, so an umbrella or a raincoat is a must. In summer it can get so hot and humid, so running away to the beaches can help during this time. Fall is the best season when living in Brooklyn. Mild temperatures and perfect weather are what it is all about. Living in the city with distinctive four seasons requires a lot of clothes. If you struggle with space for all of it, find a solution in storage Teterboro NJ.


    Thing to remember when moving to Brooklyn is that the winter can be harsh
    Brooklyn winter can be really cold, so pack your winter boots, scarves, and gloves

    4. Best places to eat in Brooklyn

    Due to many ethnicities in the borough, you can expect a lot of local cuisines, and different flavors. New restaurants are emerging each day, so the offer is endless, from Chinese and  Jamaican food to Italian and Turkish. Some people like to try new places all the time, others like to stick to the classics. Which one are you? When going to the beach and craving for some old fashioned hot dog, Nathan’s is the place to go. If you like Jewish deli classics like a pastrami sandwich, then you must visit Junior’s Restaurant. When it comes to fast food, Brooklyn is famous for Italian food, but mostly pizza. Crispy thin-crust pizza or a pillowy Sicilian slice? Whichever you choose, you can find it in one of the best places to eat pizza. Some of them are establishments such as Totonno’s in Coney Island and Di Fara’s Pizza in Midwood.

    Baked pizza
    Brooklyn is the most famous for its pizza

    5. Recreation and entertainment in Brooklyn

    When the weekend comes, alone or with the family, choices for fun and recreation are close by. If you are up for a picnic or just a walk in the park open green spaces are numerous. Most famous parks in Brooklyn are Prospect Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park. On the other hand, you have beaches you can visit and enjoy. The most popular ones are Manhattan Beach and Brighton Beach. But the number one place is by far Coney Island. It is a large beach and a boardwalk, with amusement parks in it, for people of all ages. Coney Island is mostly famous for its Wonder Wheel and 4th July hot dog eating contest. If you want to visit more cultural places, Brooklyn has a lot of museums to offer. Some of them being Brooklyn Musem, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and The Brooklyn Historical Society.